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New Age Prep: Introducing Tatted Croc!!!

FullSizeRenderExplain to our readers, the concept and reasoning behind the brand Tatted Croc.

Tatted Croc by Paris Walker lll was birthed on Hilton Head Island, and is what we call “Untraditional Classics”. The classic clothing we design is untraditional in the sense that they better celebrate the modern, diverse face of success. We are filling a cultural void in the aspirational sportswear market that most people refer to as Prep, Ivy League or Classic style. For the customer that loves classic style clothing with an edge, Tatted Croc allows them to turn tradition into a statement of individuality.

There’s no secret that Preppy and Ivy League styled garb came from Europe’s well-to-do society, however, Prep is a lifestyle and is cherished and honored by wealthy Americans. Though many ethnicities adorn the garb, they have done so to convey their aspirations of the American Dream, even though they were not included.

Explain “Prep” the Tatted Croc way sir….

PREPared 4 Power: Tatted Croc is redefining Prep which derives from Preparatory School where the wealthy elite sent their off-springs to not only prepare them with the best education but to learn how to socialize and network. In my opinion it was part-school, part-country club, an educational country club.

New Age Prep: While I’ve always appreciated the lifestyle and clothing associated with the “good life”, I didn’t exactly fit the criteria. Even though, in my community I attended prep school and came from a well-known family that came from nothing, I knew that most people missed the most important element of Prep life- being PREPared!

Besides my faith in God, I’m most passionate about inspiring and preparing people to achieve the American Dream. Tatted Croc is one of the vehicles that we are utilizing to start a revolution called the New Age Prep Movement- those that are PREPared 4 Power regardless of their last name, background or pedigree. FullSizeRender[4]

 Your brand brings about a renewed sense of flair, how important is it that in the fashion industry?

We have chosen the unforgettable smartly dressed, Dap the Croc, who has tattoo’s as our logo. Dap is the symbol of the New Age Prep Movement and represents the Classic Man in the 21st Century. We chose a Preppy logo with tattoo’s because not only do it represents modern society, but because few statements of individuality are more telling than a tattoo. Today, tattoos have transcended those that have served in military, pirates and prisoners. In fact, 40% of American from the ages of 18-45 have some form of tattoo. Tattoos are longer trendy, they are a part of American culture. Our brand combines the freedom we have as Americans to express ourselves and to be different.

In developing your brand, have there been any major influences?

Our Untraditional Classics presents a dichotomy of the Preppy and Tatted, two groups that are viewed as being worlds apart. My personal journey helped shape the direction of the brand culture. I grew up in Augusta, Georgia; home of the Masters, the greatest Golf tournament in the world. Sixteen miles down the road was Aiken, SC; the Polo capital of the world. Growing up dressing preppy was a way of life. When I was in college or visiting the other various campuses, I would hear the same thing over and over again. “Why does everyone from Augusta dress so preppy?” I realized that we had a unique style of dress, but what stood out more was that we garnered a certain level of respect. I had learned this lesson that I want to share with our youth: if you dress up, you will be less likely to act up.

One day while in one of my favorite lunch spots in Atlanta, Georgia I noticed that everyone around me had tattoos, yet they were living the good life. I realized that they were rebelling from the establishment in pursuit of freedom of expression and individuality. They were the same kids that once wore Lacoste by Izod, Polo by Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers. I was fascinated with what I witnessed and one day while at Hilton Head my wife and I came up with the Tatted Croc- a lifestyle brand for those what society calls, “Untraditional”

What I like about this brand is the fact that you didn’t stop with just designing for men. You’ve developed clothing for women and comparable accessories too.

Thanks! We definitely plan to expand our clothing. We currently have limited women’s styles and some accessories such as shoes, ribbon belts and some outerwear.

Last words for our readers

Remember this: Prep is not a trend, being PREPared is a way of life.

It is our goal at Paris Walker lll that our brand clothe and inspire the aspirational for generations to come with Untraditional Classics and social stewardship that reminds them of the duty to Prepare the next generation.

What has been your latest showing for this brand? What are your next plans for Tatted Croc?

Well, I can honestly say the brand was well received at the House of LeMond’s fashion event. The latest showing for our brand has been to select islands in the South and North East and at our annual event called Seersucker in Augusta. The next stop is to upscale department stores. For now, we are focused on our on-line sales and social media.
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