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Daily Archives: June 9, 2016

Literary Treasures: Darnish King

Darnisha King is born and raised on The Westside of Chicago. During a tough time in her life, she started to write; she hasn’t put the pen down yet. Through her writing techniques, you can see a story, you can feel emotion, and you can

New Age Prep: Introducing Tatted Croc!!!

Explain to our readers, the concept and reasoning behind the brand Tatted Croc. Tatted Croc by Paris Walker lll was birthed on Hilton Head Island, and is what we call “Untraditional Classics”. The classic clothing we design is untraditional in the sense that they better

Real Chat with a Positive Brother: Brandon A.Miller

Give our readers your thoughts on how prevalent Black Greek Letter Organizations are in today’s society.   Black Greek Letter Organizations are very prevalent and very much needed in today’s society. Black Greek Letter Organizations have evolved from our original founding dates and so has racism,

10 Mistakes New Business Owners Make

By Jon Reid Almost everyone knows a successful small business owner, and there are plenty of stories of big corporations buying little startups for millions of dollars. It sounds so easy, but running a small business takes time, hard work and commitment. To get your