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Who wants to be rich?

Money-Bag-psd17417Varnell Bien Aime

Who wants to be rich? Is it possible to gain wealth in these times of economic turmoil, where uncertainty and disillusionment prevail?

For Veronica Brooks, a person worthy to be placed in very success story book, what you need is a head start. In every page of her book to financial freedom, she provided the secrets of becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire in a step by step procedure that starts in the first ninety days of seriously pursuing your financial goals.

For the next several articles I want to share with you exerts from her book and conversations which will serve as a good starting point to change your situation around. Wealth is truly a mindset, you will find that how you feel about money is a direct correlation on what you do with your money.

I want everyone to go on this journey with me as we begin to start a new year and so many people will have resolutions and have makeovers, why not redo your finances with simple steps to gain wealth.

The first thing I want you to do is grab your last three bank statements and monitor what you are spending and highlight those items that were impulsive items, meaning that it wasn’t preplanned you just happen to purchase just because. Now I also want you to highlight those food items that you may have been able to make at home but due to lack of planning you had to order out. The reason for this exercise is this, if after you calculate the cost and the amount that you have spent is more than 10% of your gross income than you may have a mindset about money that needs to be changed and your mindset is the first thing that needs adjusting.