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The Darker the Passion, the Sweeter the Consequence


1916509_1665255303712534_2188374762770868902_nOn Tuesday December 29th,  

the world was introduced to the new web series “What’s Your Chocolate.”

The Synopsis (from the website)

Welcome to Chocolate Cosmetics, where you can always find the right shade of lies to cover your secrets. The first family and employees of the nefarious cosmetics brand are searingly familiar with secrets, and what it takes to hide them. But when a former employee goes missing, those secrets begin to unravel. What would you do to keep your deepest secrets from the ones you love? How far are you willing to go?

The web episode premiere introduced viewers to a lavish masquerade event in which each attendee deeply involved in various plots of intrigue, love and lust. Each actor bringing an element of curiosity and surprises just in the 9 minutes episode! First thoughts, this show has the makings of a 21st century version of those classic soaps that held one’s attention fixated for hours and reveled in discussion amongst each other.
Or even better, it steps onto a path that will have you surprised at each turn. “Where is she?” “Who did it?” “What will be next?”

Rich, decadent, intense in flavor…..

What is next for Chocolate Cosmetics….?

Stay Tuned