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Life Anchor- Jametta Chandler Moore


Jametta Chandler Moore is an international minister, life coach, entrepreneur and writer. She is the founder of Life Anchor Enterprises, LLC. Life Anchor is an initiative she champions, empowering individuals to be anchored as they identify and embrace their purpose while living a healthy and fulfilled life. Through imparting everyday life skills with the use of personal transparency, Jametta developed her niche. Her primary passion is facilitating, developing and empowering individuals; motivating them to live their best life. She is deeply devoted to helping people become more resilient so they may thrive holistically in life. This desire is evident in her innate ability to cultivate safe environments conducive to open dialogue and learning.

Her leadership style is such that propels audiences forward and gives the clear directives to achieve excellence in all facets of life.

The Year of The Champion-2016

2016, like any of past years, has the potential to provide a focused and fulfilled 365 days for Champions. We must ask ourselves, what will I do differently in 2016 than past years that will yield more positive results? What opportunities will I identify and embrace in 2016 that will allow me to exercise my potential? Whatever the answer is to the above questions, you must first realize that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PLANNING YOUR OWN LIFE! You must then, INTENTIONALLY take time and effort to define your own life and purpose. When your life and purpose is defined, it allows for a clear understanding of your focus and plan. It will deter others’ interference of your time and energy in implementing your plan according to your defined purpose.

Begin this year by intentionally:

Defining your PURPOSE…know what you have been created to do that no one else is able to do better; Develop your PLAN…sit down and set up a plan inclusive of goals and timelines for completion; Declare your

Passion…determine what you would wake up to do everyday without being compensated.

Live Well and Stay Anchored CHAMPIONS!

J. Ann Moore

Life Guard,

Life Anchor Enterprises, LLC.