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Introducing Jeremiah Holt



Our spotlight is on a consummate professional that we have the honor of publishing his works in this magazine:

Jeremiah Holt Jr.

He is the proud owner and creative mixologist behind the Just Right Cocktails NW brand, which is a mobile bartending service that operates by appointment and strives to meet the needs of its clients by providing off-premise, special-event bartending services.

For over four years Jeremiah has strived to make sure that every event his company is a part of is well…”Just Right.”

Why is customer service at 100 so important to him? Maybe it’s because his former service in the Navy, where he was expected to represent not only himself, but his shipmates and country wherever they were stationed at., Doing so proudly…….

Or maybe it’s the drive that has allowed him to not only study and obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, with high marks I might add….. and become a highly respected fraternity member of Gamma Psi Beta Inc.

It could be that every conference, training, guild and networking event in the beverage world, he seeks and absorbs that knowledge gained to help hone his skills even more.

The services of his company include beverage-menu consulting, various beverage -and-food pair and planning in addition to the bartending services provided to your event. We also work with people who have dietary restrictions such as allergies, or other reasons to find which beverages will work best for their event. This takes him and his team to fully service the SW Washington Regional and Portland or metropolitan areas, with the opportunity to work outside of this area if requested on a case by case basis. As he puts it: “Everything is mostly negotiable except for the high standards of my service!”

This businessman is supported by his lovely wife Lori Holt, who also has business savvy and accounting experience.

One can only see greater things on the horizon for this team and service oriented brand!

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