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Marty Da Barber


His drive, a reflection of his spirit….Marty Da Barber

UT: Ok give us the background on Marty da Barber: I’m originally from Rocky Mount, NC. I’m 26 years old. I graduated high school back in 2007. I started barber school that same year. So that makes 8 years I’ve been a barber legally. I actually started cutting hair in 2005. I’ve been in Charlotte almost 2 years now. I’ve cut hair everywhere from Rocky Mount, NC to Atlanta, GA.

UT: What influenced you to go into the tonsorial profession? I come from a family of law enforcement and ThisBarberChairbusiness people. My father is a retired police captain, and my mother is into accounting and real estate. I used to want to be a cop. However, my mind and my heart have always been set on business. Growing up, I remember my favorite thing to do on Saturdays, was go to the barber shop with my dad. Not because of the hair cut, but because of the neck duster my barber used to give me to hold. That was the only way, I’d sit there and get a cut in peace. I have that neck duster till this day… I actually use it. In the barber game, that is my prized possession! I loved how happy it made me to sit there and play with that duster. Then over time, I began to watch other people get their cuts and I eventually, I outgrew the duster. I grew to pay attention to the barber’s techniques, and all the different haircuts. By this time, I was begging for some clippers. My mother took me to Wal-Mart and got me a pair of cheap clippers. My barber, gave me a brand new pair of trimmers. At that point, I was on! I was practicing in the mirror a lot in the beginning. There were a many times I had to go to school with a nearly bald head and scabs around my line. After a while I got good enough for my friends to trust me enough to shape them up. Everybody was still afraid to get a full hair cut. Finally, my best friend at the time, trusted me enough to give him a cut. I did so good, I surprised myself. Next thing I knew, every Friday, my mom’s basement was full of classmates lined up to get cuts. I had the whole basement set up like a barber shop. $2 haircuts. I fell in love with it. I decided that I wanted to open my own shop and cut hair for the rest of my life. I didn’t have the best grades in high school, but I knew I had to make it out so I could get in barber school. So once I graduated, I knew it was meant to be. I got into barber school, and came out at the top of my class. Becoming a registered barber, was my confirmation that it is God’s will, that I go out here and be a great barber and blessing to my community.

numuslightUT: It’s apparent that not only you are a talented barber, but you also have an entrepreneurial spirit deep within. Tell our readers about your latest endeavor. I started my company called NUMUS Inc. I recently decided to share my line “God Body” all-natural homemade skincare products with the world. Things like custom soaps, exfoliating scrubs, whipped and scented shea butters, and exclusive fragrance oils. People seem to love it, so I keep it stocked up. I had a customer tell me she wasn’t buying anything else out of the store as long as I carried it. The fellas love the product too. Especially, the exfoliating scrubs. They see how great life is in their relationships with a fresh hair cut, soft hands, smooth feet, and smelling good. In addition to that, I am building my company with other services. My biggest project is underway right now. Opening my first shop, and offering services that you won’t find at your average shop. I’ll be giving back to the community on an even larger scale as well.

UT: Share how important it is to give back to your community. Giving back to the community is in my Martylogoopinion, mandatory. The community makes a barber successful. The community puts food on my table. The community makes me want to grow and do better. There are so many people in the community that are blessings in disguise. I feel like I have to show the same love that the community shows me. I have to show my community that I am grateful. They’ve done so much for me. I believe in energy transfer. So when I do things, I do them from the heart. Free hair cuts, words of encouragement, being a listening ear, feeding someone who is hungry, clothing someone who is cold. Doing those things extend the life of my blessings. These kids are coming up in a very disturbed world. As a young man, I adopted the responsibility to go out and do right by the future. Seeing people smile and say thank you… That’s a feeling that you can’t help but love.

So if you had a chance to really connect and develop a lucrative business with a celebrity business owner, who would it be? Dame Dash

UT: Why? Dame has a business mind out of this world. Dame doesn’t do business just to generate revenue. Dame does business for his family. I strongly agree with building a legacy, and putting my family in a position to live and be great. Everything I do concerning business, is for the betterment of my family. I’m out here grinding, so my son doesn’t have to go out here and get a job. Instead, he will inherit what I have built. It will be his. He will be taken care of. He will know how to use his blessings to bless others. In turn, keeping it going for the next generation. I don’t want to see my family struggle. We all deserve to be great. The first step to that is being humble. Then you have to surround yourself with successful and humble people. The rest will fall in place as long as you work hard. Dame teaches that.

UT: Wisest words or statement that stayed deeply rooted in you?

“F*@k Impossible!”

“I don’t grind for my first name. I grind for my last.”