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Holiday Fitness Blues With MarQues Woolford!


MarQues Woolford!

The holidays bring about lost focus on what you put in your mouth and how often you exercise your body. However, you don’t have to give up on your fitness during this holiday season. In fact, this is a chance to cut fat, improve strength, stamina, and muscle tone. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your house.

Fitness always starts with what we put in our bodies. Fresh bright green vegetables should be a staple in your diet and apart of almost every meal. Foods rich in fiber such as broccoli, spinach, and collard greens help with digestion and lowers cholesterol. Chicken, beef, and pork are all good sources of protein that aid the body in muscle growth. Limiting how much fried food you eat will help cut body fat.

Getting to the gym during this time of year can be a task. Nobody likes to fight the freezing temperatures to go workout. On the days when leaving the house is out of the question, remember with next to no equipment you can get a great burn at home. Exercises using your own body weight and resistance bands can help burn those extra calories holiday meals tend to pack on. I have to admit I get the fitness blues this time of year too. So I’ve demonstrated some of my favorite home exercises below. Let’s beat the fitness blues together!!!!





Bi-cep Curls – Tone Those Arms!!!

  • Start standing up
  • Slowly curl your arms to your chest
  • Keep elbows stationary and close to sides
  • Stop about 2 inches from chest and squeeze Bicep muscle
  • Hold for 5 seconds\
  • Return to Starting position

Reps: 15

Sets: 5

Rest between sets: 15 seconds

*increase resistance by standing on band with both feet. Spread legs laterally to get higher resistance.



Seated Back Rows – Strengthen the Upper Back

  • Sit on the floor with your legs slightly bent out in front.
  • Loop the band around the soles of your feet, cross it in front of you and hold one end in each hand.
  • Start with your arms straight in front of you, pointing at your toes.
  • Pull back so you bend your elbows and your hands meet your chest.
  • Return to the starting position.

4 Sets of 15

*Loop around feet more than for higher resistance

Resistance bands are my favorite piece of equipment that I own. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, anyone can get an effective workout with these bands. They are incredibly cost effective starting at $10. You can get a whole workout disk along with equipment for less than $40. They will enable you to get a total body workout and will take up no space in your home. What is even better, for those of us who constantly travel, they fit easily in a pocket of your suitcase. In a world where our day to day lives are so complexed, resistance bands are amazingly simple and extremely effective, and you won’t even have to leave your house.



Squat To Press – 2 For 1 !!!!!!

  • Stand with feet hip width apart with band under feet, holding evenly onto the ends.
  • Bend elbows and bring hands in front of shoulders. Lower into a squat. Keep chest up and head straight.
  • As legs extend, press arms overhead. Return to start.

4 sets of 15

*If resistance is too much, bring feet closer together and repeat exercise.




Toe Touching Flutter Kicks/Leg Raises


  • Lay flat on your back, with a slight bend in the knee raise one leg vertically keeping other leg flat.
  • Use hand opposite raised leg to touch your toe
  • Alternate legs and opposite are.
  • Lay flat on your back with hands underneath backside
  • With knees slightly bent raise legs 90 degrees
  • Lower legs and repeat

*be sure to never let your legs rest on the ground

Many of the illnesses and injuries we suffer as we get older are due to lack of exercise and muscle failure. Dedicating 30 minutes to an hour 3 to 4 times a week could have a major impact on your overall health. Exercising gives you more energy, increases life expectancy, and improves self-esteem.


I highly recommend that you purchase resistance bands to use as part of your exercise regimen. There are dozens of exercises that can be executed with resistance bands that you can use at home, on vacation, travelling or just visiting family without the need of ever trying to locate a gym. So start your exercise regimen today!


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