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Time to Fashionably Transition!

J. Jackson

As we start September and the summer has officially wound down, the fabled time of transitioning closets begins again. It’s time to slowly let go of the seersucker and light linens and bring back those wonderfully crafted scarves and jackets. For the Fall 2015-2016 fashion season, there are many items on trend that you can have created right with GvS!


Turtlenecks: The fashion staple of Steve Jobs has made an official comeback. The turtleneck was seen on various runways (including Maison Martin Margiela, Lanvin and Kenzo). A harken back to the glamorous era of the ’60s and ’70s, the turtle neck and suit combination is the perfect segue into crisper fall weather. On the runways, the turtleneck and suit combination was decorated with loud prints and designs, but a neutral turtleneck and suit should carry through plenty of cooler days at the office


All Black Everything: Monochrome has officially made its way into evening menswear.all black

A very popular look for the fall is having entire suiting created from the same color, with a particular emphasis on black.

Other colors included bordeaux, charcoal grey, and smoky tones displaying an array of patterns and prints. While this idea may be too loud for some wearers, the dark colors have the ability to subdue the print in some cases making it barely visible.





Heavy Metal: A subtle but fun detail that was seen on the runways were heavily decorated lapels with particularly custom crafted pins. While the traditional etiquette was to wear lapel pins only on the left side of the body, the runways featured bright, decorated lapel pins on both sides of the suit. Probably not entirely appropriate for the office, a multitude of pins can be great for an evening out to add color to a neutral suiting option.



Plaid/ Tartan: Arguably every fall season there is a hint of plaid or drop of tartan; the common print of red against black makes for a cooler season staple and frequently serves as a neutral to other pieces of an outfit.

This year however, plaid is making a huge splash. There have been an incredible amount of variations to the traditional look, including color blocking plaid from Moschino to the plaid on tartan from Frankie Morello. This classic print can be worn in something large–like a coat or jacket, or can be the ever simple addition of a scarf.


We have to discuss another necessary item in the menswear wardrobe: the boot.

Perfect for a casual day at the office or an evening night out, the boot has taken many forms in menswear, but the most popular are the dress or wingtip boot, the chelsea boot and the chukka.

The dress or wingtip boot is fairly comparable to the world famous oxford shoe. The wingtip can be worn dressed up or down, and affords the wearer a more formal look with a the balance of a casual shoe. This boot is the ultimate classic because they can be worn with any type of pant: denim, corduroy, and a nicely tailored pair of slacks.

Another more popular item to wear into the fall is the chelsea boot. Popularized by the Beatles in the 1960s, the chelsea boot is a mainstay in menswear. Sometimes adorned with elastic, the chelsea boot is perfect for a tapered pant leg and slim fit suit. Avoid excessive bagginess with this shoe: this shoe looks best with looks closely aligned with its European heritage.

Finally, one of the more popular boots worn by men of all ages, styles and creeds is the chukka. Originally worn by British soldiers during WWII, the chukka has found its new home all over the world. Perfect for a casual look, the chukka is the go-to boot during the fall season. Depending on the style and aesthetic, the chukka can be dressed up with the right suit. Furthermore, when chosen in a neutral color, it is the perfect understated item for a great outfit.

Here at GVS, you can create the perfect custom boot for your fall. It’s important to remember that while handcrafted shoes can be pricey, they are worth the investment–knowing that your footwear is one of a kind.

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