College Barbeque Drive-In

photo 5The south is known for many things but one common claim is being home to some of the best barbeque establishments. One place that has proven to contribute to the popular belief is College Barbeque located at 117 Statesville Blvd, Salisbury, NC 28144 . When you pull into the parking lot the old school drive in sign takes you back to 1965 which happens to be the debut year for the barbeque haven.

The smell of smoking pig definitely fills your nose when you step out of your vehicle. If the sign doesn’t take you back in time the green and white diner style décor will definitely act as a reminder. After walking around the crowded but cramped restaurant during lunch time I was able to find an empty table for one. I was immediately greeted by a friendly waitress who informed me that the barbeque sandwiches and hot dogs were the best selling items.

photo 2

I’m not a barbeque queen but hey when in Rome…you eat the barbeque. I ordered the small chopped barbeque tray and cheese fries. After waiting a few minutes, several individually wrapped items arrived to my table. I was blown away by the generous amount of chopped barbeque that came with the $6.95 platter.

Alongside the barbeque was the restaurants own special made coleslaw garnished with two fluffy hush puppies and a toasted bun. Before tasting my food I immediately searched for the barbeque sauce. I was educated by the waitress that the restaurants special “dip” sauce was the only thing I needed to accompany my juicy, succulent barbeque. The vinegar based sauce added an extra bang to the already tender barbeque. The sweet and tangy homemade coleslaw paired nicely with my meal and I had to pile it onto every bite!

College Barbeque definitely holds the banging barbeque title for Rowan County!

(704) 633-9953