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When You Don’t Vote…. You Not Only Affect Yourself, But So Many Others!

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By Willus Woodard


Whenever I’m asked by individuals who either don’t vote or rarely vote why voting is important I always give the same reaction I stare for a second shake my head and say I can’t believe you asked me that. It never fails nor does my amazement as why to why in 2015 that question is still asked.

It should be noted that these people that I speak with are not oblivious to the facts of when where and how to vote the issue is always why vote. The belief among many is that their single vote won’t make much of a difference. I also encounter the crowd that says elections are predetermined and the people in power are gonna make sure that their candidate wins. However the one that takes the cake for me and shows me how illogical some people can be is when I hear them mention how if it was online they would do it. They believe that in this day and age when you can get license get grocery transfer money and make reservations all from your cell phone then voting should be as easy.

While those certainly are the excuses I hear the most none of those are valid and to a degree I find them insulting as I hope all faithful voters do. It has long been my belief that if you want something bad enough you will make sacrifices to get it done and voting certainly should fall under that scope. Perhaps the late congressman Walter H. Judd said it best people often say that in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course that’s not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote that’s a very different thing.

We all have friends that at times we try to persuade one way or another, thinking that our way is probably best. However with voting so many people are affected by your vote or lack there of that one can’t possibly make an intelligent argument against casting a vote as it pertains to laws and decisions that directly affect you and your neighbors whether it be something as simple as replacing a pot hole adding a speed bump or perhaps installing a stop sign all these decisions are made by people that we elect. The only way a democracy works is if citizens are active participants.

Any parent that doesn’t vote should feel a since of neglect and a feeling of sorrow. The only way that the voting process will improve is if the under twenty five generation is excited and eager come election time for they will have a direct say so in laws and lawmakers of the future.

So as we approach election season in November I would implore those that choose not to vote to think of those that not only fought through years of segregation to just have the right to vote the women who thorough out history fought for the right to vote how can it be acceptable for you as well as any young voter that you know for you not to vote and encourage others. A government that is for by the people and for the people simply cannot work without the people.

One who doesn’t vote has no right to complain just as one who never services their car has no right to complain when it breaks down. Just as others are affected when your car breaks down us voters are affected when you choose not to cast your vote. So the charge should be to all to get registered and then go out and vote even though you can’t do it on your phone.


Willus Woodard has been a political commentator for the past four years. He is the only son of the late County Commissioner Valerie Woodard, who was the first African American female to be elected county commissioner in Mecklenburg County History. She also is a on a very short list of African American Females that have a county funded building named after them.
Willus is a native of Charlotte having graduated from West Charlotte High School and then graduating from St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh NC.