Versatility Personified



To be in this industry, one must be able to show not only versatility, but also be open to honing their craft, even when they have accomplished so much.

That can certainly be said about Charlotte’s own J Stylz.  It’s noted that after years of writing songs for national artist such as, Slim of 112, Bobby Jones, and Japanese Super group Full of Harmony (F.O.H.) along with producing and singing hooks for up and coming music greats, mentor and industry legend  Teddy Riley placed him to become a part of the renowned music group BlackStreet. This move led J Stylz to touring the United States, Japan, London, and Australia. Now, he is currently on tour with a new reprise of BlackStreet known as BS2, while writing, producing, and recording their latest studio album with Teddy Riley. In Teddy’s own words.. “J-Stylz is a legend in the making. His pure talent far exceeds that of today’s artist in respect to the fact that he functions at the top level of performance in all his abilities.”

J Stylz sat and gave UT his thought on his tenure in the industry and what’s next for this multi-talented artist.

Reading your bio, its states that you are, and I quote…”Armed with lyrical word play equivalent to Jay- Z, the swagger of 2015 Wayne, and the high vocal range of Stevie Wonder.” That is saying a lot, your thoughts? Well Jay-Z is my favorite Rap artist and I’ve always loved his lyrical word play and Lil ‘ Wayne’s cockiness on the mic. Teddy Riley Has always told me I have a young Michael Jackson vocal attitude with the airy voice with a splash of Stevie Wonder’s range and note control.

With your working with industry icon and the man that created the unique style named “new jack swing” Mr. Teddy Riley, what have you learned from him and how has it helped your work style?

Well it’s been and still is an honor working alongside of such greatness. I recall the 1st time writing with him while he went through a million sounds to put in the track I was already writing lyrics for .I started getting impatient wondering if we were ever get this track done.  But, when he finally fished the track it was well worth the wait…at that moment i found out the importance of sound selection and how each sound must have a tie in connection and my words connected to each other.  And, of course I learned so much watching him and listening to him scream at us about rocking the stage and taking advantage of every moment given to engage and connect to the crowd or a front row fan that is screaming for more..

Your portfolio of work is impressive, from writing /producing “King of Kings” Bobby Jones to “Rebuild You” with Keith Sweat, you show great versatility in the industry. Tell us how important that is to you. I come from the church so I’ll always have a gospel track or gospel/inspirational lyrics in my veins lol.    I’ve worked with Country, Alternative Rock, R&B and Pop artists.  I have always stated in my writers workshop or even in my writing sessions that we as writers should become the kinds of writers that when given the opportunity be prepared to write to and type of record for any type of artist….THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO HAVE MORE WORK

Which genre of music do you feel most at home with? Or does it matter? I love R&B/POP It is who I am I can’t turn it off!

j look backOk, so with over 400 + performances to date, is it safe to say that you feel “at

home” performing. Yes I still get a rush every time I head onstage.   I’m anxious and at the same time I feel powerful that these people in every city, state and county came out to see me perform and I must give them their money’s worth

If you saw me back stage you’d see me stretch as if I’m about to run a race or as I f calling the coach just put me in the game. I’ll have the focus look on my face as if I’m a focused boxer really to fight.  There have been time I’ve shed tears climbing inside character while singing and performing some lyrics that hit home to the core my current love life.. lol yeah  and the crowd eats it alive they love it when I scream or shout in-between lyrics it causes them to echo me…OH HOW I LOVE THE STAGE

Now, we also see that you have taken your experience to newer realms, with the formation of own production company “PowerPLUG (MG)- Music Group and Star Globe Media. Tell us more about these entities.  PowerPlug (MG) is no longer a company, but StarGlobe Media Is the official company that I’m so very proud to have up and running. Of course I am the 1st artist signed to StarGlobe Media, and I do have a few other artists under my wing. An Alternative Rock artist, Rap/HipHop and a few writers and producers… Co-Lead and Co-Powered by My big God-Brother aka Manager Wayne Washington and others on the management team

The music scene is an ever changing entity, yet you’ve seem to position yourself securely as a writer, producer, engineer and performer. What can be next for J-Stylz?  Well I do Have a brand New Single that will be released on August 14th 2015 off of my upland coming solo Album…I’m also looking to make my mark into the TV and Movie market… Those that know J-Stylz know that I am a Character…lol

If you could share one thing with your fans that they do not know, what would that be?  Stay true to yourself within your love for your music but also pay attention to the supply and demand for this business… In other words give the all of who you are while giving them what they want (AND NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU) if you don’t believe in you why should others who don’t even know you believe in you.

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