Jowhari…Artist and Life Personified!!!

JowhariUT: Hello sis!

Jowhari : Hello!

UT: A beautiful name for an incredible sister!

Jowhari : Thank you much, I am who I am I guess(Smiling)

UT: It seems apparent that you have a great love for the arts; can you share with us how this came to be?

Jowhari : I truly do love and appreciate the arts. I grew up in the arts; my mother had a performance company where she taught all different genres of dance…from African, Haitian, Jazz, Ballet, and Tap. I’ve been dancing since age four. Sooo over the years, as I was exposed to the arts at an early age, you just take it all in. Some say it’s biblical, Proverbs 22: 6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

UT: Do you have a particular area of arts that is your favorite or that you’re specially attuned to?

Jowhari : I’m into fashion, I’m a shoe designer Zarif Soulye is my brand we are fashion forward wearable art. I also own the Bay Area’s first fashion Gallery, Oakland Ca is busting at the seams with art and expression, as seeing this untapped I created an environment where artists and designers can network and exhibit their work. Fashion Design is art too, soooo we have fashion exhibits with live mannequin models in the window display, DJ and great networking. I call all my boutique owner friends and clients and stylists and photographers and models etc… And we all come together to appreciate the ARTS, exhibit FASHION and network. Awesome stuff, we gotta get you here!!

UT: I love how you have utilized social media to promote not just your business, but other businesses as well. Explain the concept behind, networking mixer for indie business called #wealthywed.

Her smile!! Her love for the arts!!!

Jowhari : HAPPY NETWORKING #wealthywed. Lol. YES YES! WELL it came to me one evening that entrepreneurs always promote themselves, always grinding because, well frankly, that’s how we eat. But as I’m an open person, I give and give and give, rather its information or material items, how awesome would it be if like… THE WORLD WAS LIKE THAT, like what a way to increase your networks by just having an open heart and open mind. WEALTH is the abundance of things, to some it’s all finances to others it’s about material items but… in using Social media, we can increase our wealth (whatever definition we identify with) by just being OPEN. I mean, if I suggest your biz to a friend in the feed at least 30 of my 3000 friends will see it, some will like it just because others will check it out, and share it w/ their friends etc…And it doesn’t take anything away from what I do as an entrepreneur to promote you and your brand, like creating our own information highway. Utilizing social media is awesome but it increases wealth thru networking. Networking is key.

UT: Is it important today for us to not just network, but to effectively communicate?

Jowhari : Networking is communicating. It may start electronically (if you will) but eventually, because there’s a service or product or I’m the client, we will have to verbally communicate to build. But thru social media networking, you’ve built a rapport with this person that you could potentially have biz w/ or who’s a resource for other information then eventually, you’d chat and business as usual.

UT: Your passion for the arts is incredible sis! How can we get more of our youth involved in the arts to share in this passion as well?

Jowhari : I’m working with some others on creating programs to support future growth in youth through arts and as a young interlunar program. Amazing things are happening and in the works!  I’m the community based organizer for the FADA (Fashion Art Design Academy) at Oakland Technical High School, as I utilize ZSoulyeGallery as an outlet for them to “Exhibit Art” thru the fashion design program. And I encourage, all youth just come and take in the ambiance of art at ZSoulyeGallery, and let’s learn the biz.

UT: Tell our readers about your upcoming projects there in the CA!

Jowhari : Monthly we host designer Exhibits 10/26 is WORLD FASHION. Amazing local designers will exhibit I have a number of designers on the bill, from  SURU Clothing, AMATULAS Designs, BATIK Fabric is sending textiles from Malaysia over to us.  I’ve received textiles from Nigeria about a week ago. This exhibit will feature designs and textiles from around the world and we are still building!

UT: Zarf Soule Fashion Gallery, the center of the artistic wellspring! Tell us about it.

Jowhari : Yes! I’m excited, OMG!!! Lol because overnight it’s like boom! The district where the biz is, they are happy to have a gallery in the area; I get foot traffic in a place where there isn’t any (seriously) it’s amazing. The fashion exhibitions allow indie designers, models, MUAs, hair stylists’ press releases and exposure to buyers and boutiques and industry professionals that they may not have access to as well as an innovative way to show work thru expression. Every exhibit there’s a YouTube video available as well. Zarif Soulye is our YouTube Channel.

UT: Could we ever get Jowhari Trahan here on the East Coast to share her dynamic talent with us?

Jowhari : Heck yeah! I can #WealthyWednesday Fashion exhibit myself there J I’d love to have a Zarif Soulye Fashion Gallery in every coast. I’m working on an international Fashion Gallery where we (indie designers) could exhibit there and them here. How awesome is that for a portfolio

UT: If you had the opportunity to talk to a creative individual that has made outstanding contributions to society, or someone you truly admire, who would it be?

Jowhari:  You said A creative individual? Omg. Hmmmm, that’s a trick question because I want to talk to everybody!!

Off the top of my head I’d like to say Byron Lars (I’ll wait while most look him up) in addition to “ taking the world by storm, how is it to be a fashion designer and be asked to design a collector’s doll for Barbie and design clothes for Mrs. Obama. Amazing stuff, I love talented people who aren’t confined.

UT: Thank you Jowhari!

Jowhari: Thank you sooo much for this opportunity, and I hope to see you at a fashion exhibit!

Learn more about Jowhari and her business at:

Zarif Soulye Gallery

2724 MacArthur Blvd

Oakland, California 94602

Phone (510) 606-2353





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