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JDS Model Club Under Redd Angel’s Creative Direction

284139_170609086346342_8191420_nWhen I got word that JDS Certified Inc., a company that already has established itself as a digital marketing and social media mega source, has thrown its hat into the ring of modeling, I was curious. When owner Demario Mcilwain then shared with me that Baltimore native Kenya Redd, (aka Redd Angel) of Redd Angel Media, LLC, had partnered with JDSMC as its spokeswoman, I had to learn more. Redd Angel is known for connecting the dots in this industry. A 20 year veteran in the entertainment industry, she’s done fashion, film, marketing, public relations, radio, and event management. (Did we mention she manages one of the newest Male Revues to sweep the nation, aptly named MEN?) These accomplishments have garnered much praise from Demario as well, and led us to interview the multi-talented sister immediately!

Explain in your own words the concept and reasoning behind this new brand for JDS. JDS Model Club is hoping to bridge the gap for so many up and coming aspiring models to be seen and possibly booked by legitimate companies, brands, photographers etc. The idea is for models to be associated with a Brand that can open doors. I believe the JDS is a brand that can do just that.

How did you become part of this new endeavor? What made you take the reins of this? I have worked on several projects in the past with JDS, I am also a serial entrepreneur and take on a few new ventures every 2 years or so. So when I was approached with the opportunity it only made since because of my past experience in the Fashion Industry. I decided to be a driving force because It would be easier for me to leverage the relationships that I have already established. Besides that I LOVE Fashion and helping others follow their dreams.

So would you say that your involvement, bring more guidance and focus to up and coming models? Absolutely, I train models on etiquette runway etc. My goal is to assist them with the proper tools and knowledge to represent themselves in this industry. This is a tough industry, you have to be able to handle rejection and for some that is the toughest part to handle. But there is nothing worst than an opportunity that you are not properly prepared for. I want to make sure that they are.

Where can you see this new brand going, under your leadership? I definitely see it being a National…no an International Brand. It caters to ALL demographics. I see the Brand being strong and companies coming to the site seeing a potential model and KNOW they are getting the best.

What does the industry look like now with the culture of modeling ever changing? It is a beautiful thing. Because fashion is implementing more culture into its marketing campaigns there is more potential for models/talent with individual looks to go far as opposed to the cookie cutter models of the past. I think everything evolves and this is no different. The more unique you are the more you will stand out.

Can JDS Model Club set the trend for model promotion and networking moving forward? I believe that it can and will. The Intent is solely to help potential models. It is not about lining our pockets. I love what I do, I have learned a lot and it does me no good to keep the knowledge to myself. Because of that and my background in marketing I believe we can set the trends for model promotions.

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