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Innovating and Evolving Music Once Again- The Shop Boyz!


Shop Boyz_ Official Press Photo_1818-1The Shop Boyz…the Atlanta based group consisting of Demetrius “Meany” Hardin, Richard “Fat” Stephens and Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower, has done it again!!!

Many know of this group’s 2007 album labeled Rockstar Mentality, and the smash hit, “Party Like a Rock Star” released in which hit us immediately with heavy guitar plays, rap imbued with rock and roll elements and an energy that was unyielding in clubs across the U.S. The Shop Boyz deemed this music “Hood Rock” and fans became sold to the new musical concept, which resulted in the group firmly taking the spot for #1 selling ringtone around the world, bringing in over $3 million and their single peaking at #2 on Billboard’s Top 200 Charts. Now, add to that a multitude of award nominations and heavy features in publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, and New York Magazine. Fast forward to now, where fresh beats, the riffs, and Country elements are now prevalent in their new project, which will also surprise new listeners, please already established fans, and have those in the industry break necks and ask “what else can they do?”

Well, let us give you the in depth on what these innovators of musical mingling have in store for their followers!

Guys, you previously mentioned in a statement that everything you do has a rock star mentality. Fat, how important is that in today’s music? And is there a limit? Our definition of a Rock star is a person without limitations. The word ‘rock star’ sometimes has a bad rep. but it can also be a good thing. We want to show our fans that there’s no limit to anything you do, and we set the example through our music.IMG_4587

Who came up with “Hood Rock?” Our fans; we didn’t have a name for what we was doing. Our goal was to be different. Coming from Atlanta — surrounded by all different types of music, we just wanted to stand out with good quality sounds and talent

Sheed, would you call Hood Rock the evolution of crunk, or the next major sound for this industry? Every song or genre of music is an evolution of something in some kind of form, shape or fashion. Atlanta is a party, crunked up tempo city, so our sound is a reflection of our environment.

The group has dared to take their music into Country, Pop, and other genres. Explain why the Shop Boyz aren’t afraid to stretch musical boundaries? It’s our Rock star mentality. We don’t have any boundaries. It’s all music to us. We just do the best we can and take our craft serious because we know that’s what our fans expect.

So you would say that you are blazing a path, or setting a trend? You can say that, but not intentionally. We base our music on being different from anyone else and in doing so; we set new trends a lot.

Country itself has a die-hard fan base, and the fact that you brought in an acoustic guitarist and banjo player for “Country Girl” shows the seriousness and level you’re taking your music. Who could the Shop Boyz see collaborating with in Country to produce the next hit that bridges both genres? We started off as hip-hop artists and we would like to let everyone know when we venture in to other genres we come with the upmost respect of the craft, so it’s only right that we do it right and include those sounds that’s supposed to be included. We would love to work with Garth Brooks and anyone who’s serious about not just making music but creating something special to give to the world. We’re down for it.

Meany, question, if you had a choice between having the number 1 ringtone or major projects and collaborations with those in the industry, what would choose, and why? I would say collaboration because if we all go in the studio with our best foot forward we can possibly have a #1 bestseller ringtone, but we never aim for anything. It all comes from our heart. People feel the music better that way.

So to close out, what should fans expect out of Shop Boyz for 2015 and beyond? Our fans should expect good music; expect long lasting songs and quality. Expect the unexpected; we’re the Shop Boyz! You never know what to expect. We even amaze each other a lot of times. Just expect to see a lot of The Shop Boyz.Shop Boys at Private Party

Thank you for your time and support!!! Shop Boyz appreciate your support…

Please visit the Shop Boyz website to hear music.