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GvS Custom Clothiers

gvs5Michael D. Snell is a clothing designer and manufacturer on a mission.The apparel trailblazer shared with us the history and vision of GvS….

“I created GvS Custom Clothier out of a necessity cause gentleman the shoe & apparel market is oversaturated with over priced items.”One of my goals is to provide top quality gentlemen garments and shoes without you having to take out a personal loan.” My relationship with international fabric warehouses, master tailors and cobblers has allowed GvS Custom Clothier to bring you some the finest apparel and shoes currently available.”

“I grew up in a small but yet vibrant city called Pensacola, Florida. Even while playing high school and college basketball the desired to always look presentable was in the forefront of my mind. “I was inspired to get into the fashion by this and the personal desire to make a difference.”

Post college I had the opportunity many years ago to be taught by a successful man who constantly told me “a strong person cannot help a weaker person unless they are willing to be help.” Thanks to Mr. Joe Dudley Sr. of Dudley Products. Yes I am a former Dudley’s Product sales representative that sold products door to door near the Winston Salem, NC area; I learned the hard way of making my income in the hot NC summers.

“Although our brand is still somewhat small we are making significant strides in our first year. While serving in the US Army as an Officer my family and I are currently assigned in Seoul, Korea the fashion capital of Asia. “Most major brands have their manufacturing done here in the Seoul area.” I was able to procure some of the best tailors and cobblers from some of these same major fashion brands. “


“No other site allows you upload a photo of your desire items or customize your shoes and clothing like GvS. My goal is to provide all the necessary tools to help build or rebuild the complete gentlemen.  All items are tailored to your provided specifications at unbelievable low prices allowing you to keep that additional money in your pockets. There is no longer a need to shop off the rack let me add that additional style to your wardrobe and help assist you to become more financially secure! GvS is small company  providing you much needed one on one  attention, excellent workmanship and attention to details.”

“We are constantly adding new clients to our GvS family. And as we continue to grow, we are becoming even better stewards of our extended communities, offering mentorship, information, tips and our forthcoming GvS Academy.”


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2015 “The Rebirth of the Gentlemen”