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Taylor Virtue Jones was a beautiful, smart, and successful accountant by day and escort by night. Taylor was content with her untraditional lifestyle until she met Philip Blackwell. Philip, a construction worker, was not the guy she normally went for but he brought her a happiness that she hadn’t experienced in many years. He made her rethink her lifestyle. He made her want more for her life. Unfortunately, her epiphany may have come too late when she finds herself in a compromising situation.

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Virtually Challenged Book cover

Rayne and David Smith were the epitome of a strong marriage filled with love. Rayne, a prestige real estate agent, and David, a bank branch manager, had a foundation built not only on love but commitment, balance, dedication, and honesty. Unfortunately their comfortable bubble is disturbed when Rayne’s mother passes and she returns home for the funeral. Her past quickly enters her present and can possibly shatter her future. Secrets are revealed and lines are crossed. Can Rayne and David recover from scandals of the past?

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