The Marvelously , Multi Faceted, MarQues!

DSC_0045-EditLet me paint a picture for you, worth, a thousand words or so…..

The place, the beautiful grounds of Curtis Reynolds, CEO of C.R.E.M Entertainment, the scene, a multitude of guests dressed in hues of yellow, gray and white, per the request of the host and focus of this event, MarQues Woolford. He greets each attendee as though you were friends of his for years, and his energy was on one hundred this evening. He even led the crowd with a heartfelt song of happy birthday to his father (who he deems his “twin”) and warm hugs for his mother as she met everyone there. Yes, for a “Renaissance Man” such as MarQues, this tells of a foundation firmly set prior to his fame. So I sat with him at a local spot in Charlotte to not just interview him, but really chat with this authentic and unique brother setting the industry on fire!

UT: So MarQues, what do you think about this journey that you’ve been on? Share with our readers your thoughts….I think about life, how I conduct business, how serious I take everything. When I graduated college in 2010, I went home and I felt like a caterpillar, I stayed at home with my parents for about 4 years and every job I had, it seemed like something happened, and then finally I did Dreamgirls a couple of years ago and really got my head into acting and started searching for things to hone my craft. Then I did rent, and met Curtis and finally all the lessons that I’d learn at home and with work finally came up and became clear when I left Jacksonville to come to Charlotte. Still got homesick, but it was how I handled it, how I looked at it, and used me being homesick and target it to my craft, the brand, and really grow as a person. In 6 months I evolved a lot, with modeling, with acting, with singing, and as an artist, I learned a lot. I really know that my time in Jacksonville, at home with my mom, my dad who is a pastor by the way, that spiritually it prepared me to come out here and do what I do.

UT: So your time prior to this really was a blessing. Me being twenty one/twenty-two years old, I could said this stuff, but no, I wasn’t really ready to support anybody else, I wanted to only support me. What motivates me is to see people inspired, to see people going for their dreams, going for outside of the norm.

UT: Your passion for your craft is very noticeable, almost infectious even. You also mentioned at the event and on your website that you want to be the type of person that helps and gives with gifts that you have. Yes, I’m going to use my image, my voice, my talent everything I can to bring awareness to real issues affecting our generation. Just not what’s popular this week?” Our generation gets way too distracted with nonsense and we have to stand for something. I know I would not have been ready for this at twenty-one/twenty two years old, but everything happens for a reason.

UT: With you being in the business right now, you’ve been labeled as a renaissance man, is it important today to be a renaissance man, and be fluid and accepting in all things that you are a part, especially in this industry? I think it is important to be. I don’t take anything away from anybody who can’t, who doesn’t have the desire to be multi-talented, but to understand the arts, to be appreciative of the arts, you’ve got to open yourself up to them.DSC_8786-Edit

UT: There are a lot of shows out today, many showing new actors that bring a new perspective to things. Do you think for your career, that’s it’s important to watch, or be in the know, today’s television shows? Yes, I think it is important, because it allows you to become more conscious of what’s going on today. For example: and I don’t even think many people understood it, but the show “American Crime” comes on Thursday night, this one episode there was a riot on the show, then less than a week later, we see the same thing occur live on TV! That’s how important it is to me, that’s how important it is for us to watch stuff like this. I cannot ignore important television that teaches us something. Especially not in these times.

UT: Your team is nothing short of stellar! Curtis Reynolds name is synonymous with hard work and setting a standard in the industry.

So many things unfolded when Curtis and I connected. We know people, we both are people persons. And we seek to be there for people. When you stop thinking about yourself and really listen to people talk, and hear what they are actually saying, and hear what they are saying with their hearts. Everyone is crying out, I mean everyone is drying out, and it seems that no one really cares. So everything that Curtis and I do, everything that we’ve birthed, we are always thinking about what or how it will affect other people. How can it help this person or how can it help so and so. It’s never about what is going to come back to me, that’s hardly ever or if ever mentioned, how much money it’s going to bring us. That’s not really the thing, that will come in time. I was just telling some friends of mine the other day that to me it’s not Money Power, Respect…. it’s the other way around…. Respect, Power, and then comes the Money. The thing about it is when people respect you, you can convince them to do things. The President can’t run a country by himself, so if no one respects you, or what you are trying to do, what your mission is, or what you’re about, then you’re not going to get them to do anything, so you means you have absolutely no power. But when you have the respect, and you get qualified people to help you do stuff, you now have power, because you have yourself with a vision, great people around you that know how to do these things so you now have the power, so guess what’s coming next, money because I have a great product to give out to the world, and everybody sees that.

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