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Innovative: ITZmorethanmusicRADIO!

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 31033A brand new innovative platform has hit the underground, independent and major world in the music industry…ITZmorethanmusicRADIO!

You can listen to ITZmorethanmusicRADIO online @ or stream on our Interactive Mobile App #TheDiktatorApp @ ITZmorethanmusicRADIO’s first two mixshows were In honor of K.O.C Records 10 year Anniversary. We have created a musical timeline with over 2 hours of Diktator’s music. In the “10 Year Era Of K.O.C Records AC (After Change) mixshow hosted by Diktator & DJ Polo highlights Diktator’s new releases, present and unreleased exclusive tracks broadcasting his evolution as an artist.


In the “10 Year Era Of K.O.C Records BC (Before Change) mixshow hosted by Diktator & DJ Polo contains Diktator’s earlier music before he evolved into the artist he is today. Diktator’s Musical Inspiration was KOC_Cd_Cover_Revisedrepresented very well in these 2 exclusive mixshows on ItzMoreThanMusicRADIO so be sure to check the out. The purpose & direction for ItzMoreThanMusicRADIO is to give listeners Music They Should Hear & Information They Should Know in an archive to convieniently stream around any of their plans through life.  Our goal is to positively uplift communities around the world. Diktator’s head start in technology within the music industry, has provided an innovative way for fans and followers to give shout outs as well as drops from their smart phones and other mobile devices through #TheDiktatorApp.  This exclusive feature sets ItzMoreThanMusicRADIO apart from its competition making it easier for anyone around the world to be a part of a movement first hand that evolved into a revolution. Enter a new wave, feel and energy in radio. Welcome to the Kingdom Of Change! Itz More Than Music Itz A Revolution! The Leader!



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