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Monthly Archives: July 2015

It’s Summer at The House of LeMond!

We wanted to see some styles for some of the Summer events going on. Something that spoke volumes and turned heads upon arrival. A visit to LeMond Crayton-Hart’s boutique yielded several pieces put together and a heartfelt testimony…. He reminisces on how his band teacher from

Innovative: ITZmorethanmusicRADIO!

A brand new innovative platform has hit the underground, independent and major world in the music industry…ITZmorethanmusicRADIO! You can listen to ITZmorethanmusicRADIO online @ or stream on our Interactive Mobile App #TheDiktatorApp @ ITZmorethanmusicRADIO’s first two mixshows were In honor of K.O.C Records

La Keisha Calvin’s Interview Tip of the Day!

DIFFERENTIATE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE FROM YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIFE!!!! When an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself”, they are NOT referring to your personal life. They are strictly referring to your professional background in regards to your skills, experience, and 2-3 reasons why you are the