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Our Blessings Come When We Least Expect It!


On Valentine’s Day, Angela Bailey was involved in a car wreck.

My dear friend and fraternity brother informed me of this, and asked that I share his sister’s story this month. Not for the accident, but what was found as a result of it. At the Davis Regional Medical Center, doctors discovered a large tumor on her brain.

Angela was a three year breast cancer survivor, and last I saw her was at the beautiful renewing of vows in 2014. I had the opportunity of escorting her down the aisle, and during that time learned of this, as well as her incredible, indomitable spirit. This was apparent when she was was on her way to pay her respects to a young man who died of brain cancer just days before.

Her jumped the curb and went across the parking lot at Arby’s, hitting a light pole in the rear of the parking lot then jumping another curb. At the hospital, they ran tests to see why she blacked out, finding a brain tumor. Fast forward to her arrival at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center for surgery. Surgery on March 6th, release on March 8th.

Originally her position in life was taking care of people, but now it is apparent that a higher power is now taking care of her. That coupled with the support and strength of her family has kept her happy, and thinking , thinking that God has a plan for greater things, for additional work.

To hear her brother Russell Mitchell talk about it, it makes one think of how important it is to take care of ourselves, not only physically, but spiritually.

Angela’s words of encouragement for those that are facing trials… “With God, all things are possible. Just put your trust in him and it’ll be OK.”