Art, and Turay Mederic

Turay ,ederic ArtistBorn in 1979 in Ivory Coast

Turay Mederic was only 4 years old when his parents moved to the USA, with a normal learning. His secret dream is to devote himself to art. In 1995, his family returned to live in Africa and enroll in a school of fine arts. He received many awards at various competitions of fine arts. In late 1999, he was elected the best young artist from West Africa His unique style, “Trace”, consists of an assembly Sign and symbol and word Cubism or reminiscent of the painter Basquiat and Picasso. His language is not intended to narrative: he enlisted in the way of a rhetorical metaphors or sign feeds allusions to better tell Africa and the world. His works are recognized by African and European critics. They recognize this young artist a great value. They confirm the growing talent of this artist with a bright future whose signature retains the attention of collectors.

turay mederic les fruit du00E9fendu 100x100 the forbidden    fruitTorero Turay mederic 100x150 oil and acrylic on    canvas










“Trace” by Turay Mederic

i Need absolute sobriety, deprivation, need to go to the elemental form, the parameters restricted to the essentials; with the building blocks of our African roots land, plants, and minerals. My Basic research on the signs in simplified form as well as in the choice of materials, collected during trips, in chance encounters. Approach agenda methodical ritual. Polysemic signs tending towards a universal reading, writing graffiti registering as fixing the trace of the pass, any traces of humanity on cave walls or walls of cities. Paintings, assemblages, objects of various origins, each piece is part of a whole , elements of a game, that can come together, jutaposed. Combinatorial in various staging’s. the traces also invites you to travel mentally to other places, other stories, in history. I repeat my signs, signal, words in my works, I belong to the world and I am part of her breast. yes I defy time I managed to immortalized things yes I defeated time I managed to immortalized things most simple to complex,

Turay Mederic