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juswrightt1Jus Wright was born out if a love for fashion and for daring to go beyond the norm and experimenting with clothes and styles. Your appearance may be the first thing immediately obvious to others: however, it is one situation factor that you can control. Jus Wright provides customized services that cater to you as an individual. I show you how clothing from your closet can be transformed. Sometimes a garment just needs some added detail to make it more stylish.


So, when did you know that fashion was your gift, your love, your calling? Well, I am from  Jamaica and was introduced to modeling by a friend. After several attempts I was signed on to Champs Modeling Agency and did 8 years with the Agency. It was during this time that I realized that I had flair for showing clothing and was even called “Mr. Showtime.” I realized then that not only did I have a flair for wearing stylish clothing, but I also had a passion for putting together different looks and for adding my own personal touch of style.


Tell us more about your fashion consulting firm. My fashion consulting firm is in the conceptualizing phase. However, once up and running I will offer    personal shopping services and not only show you what to wear but also help create new outfits. I will offer a variety of services including wardrobe analysis, style tips, and fashion advice.


We see that your talents are on point, and style/fashion is becoming much more prevalent for young men.  What advice would you give a young man trying to put his wardrobe together? I would advise any young man trying to put his     wardrobe together to wear clothes that compliments his body type and if any piece needs altering, he should get this done. An oversized jacket or loose pants is not an image he would want to portray. Also earring the most expensive pieces does not mean you are the best dressed, your image is what speaks the loudest volume before even having the chance to say a word at all: as your appearance directly affects the perception others might have of you. The idea for him is to think outside the box.


Finish this statement, “In five years I will be……”  In five years I will have Jus Wright Inc. up and  running, working with individuals to manage their image from head to toe. Customers will be able to:

Choose garment appropriate for occasion

Dress attractively for their body type

Think in terms of selecting clothing for you- as an   individual

How can our readers learn more about you? Readers can learn more about me by viewing me on Instagram @jus-wrightt or Facebook, Jus Wright. My contact email address is