A Time for Taelor

Taelor_Moore_Close_Up_with_Feather_TopWhen we first heard the music of this artist, it was truly a breath of fresh air.

Her beauty is only shadowed by her incredible devotion to her community and her positive spirit.

The Columbus Georgia native tells us she is Inspired by iconic artists such as Beyonce, and Brandy, but the way things are going, she could steadily rise to that plateau too!




UT: Your modeling career occurred via being at a shoot with your brother. What was your first thought when you were asked? First thought only…lol!

TM: “Oh my God. I’m scared. Everybody is watching. ”

UT: Well there was definitely reason to watch! So tell us, how important is it to you to share some of your personal experiences in your music?

TM: It’s extremely important. I believe you have to make music from your heart to be able to connect with your listeners and ultimately the music you create.Taelor_Moore_Posing_with_feathers3

UT: Last year you dropped your single “Favorite Song” and it received great reviews. This year you have…

TM: This year, I will be releasing my debut album. I’m really excited about the music I’ve created and what I am going to create. I have been in the studio working hard. I’ve been able to experiment with new sounds and step out of my comfort zone so I’m really looking forward to being able to share everything.

UT: What would you consider most challenging, your musical career, or your work as a heavily sought after model?

TM: Definitely my music career. I believe it takes a little more inner substance to be able to vocally create music and then have to share it with the world. It can be very mentally challenging at times.

UT: It is truly impressive that even with your busy schedule; you still devote time to visit various high schools and talk to the young women there about self-esteem. Tell us more.

TM: I realize that God has given me an amazing platform through the gift of modeling and music to help inspire and encourage our youth. I remember being younger and not having the confidence that I needed and feeling lost, so it is a blessing to be able to help those who are in the same position as I once was.

UT: You made a statement that everything tells a story…if you and another artist could write a magnificent story through music, who would it be?

TM: I would love to work with India Arie. I love her music. The way she paints a picture through her music is amazing to me.

UT: Ok so the list of accomplishments is long and impressive to say the least: Vh1’s Single Ladies, Fast and Furious 7, a HBO pilot show, mentorship, modeling, what else is there in store for Taelor Moore?

TM: I’m looking forward to making new genuine heart-felt music and sharing it with the world. I’m definitely aiming to do more editorial work this year and my goal is to participate in New York Fashion Week this year.

UT: Thank you Taelor for allowing our readers and us to learn so much more about a dynamic artist such as yourself!

TM: Thank you, Urban Tymes for the exposure!

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