The Art of….David A Duerson

IMG_0085My drive to create art comes from a need, not a want. It’s not a choice about whether or not I want to do it; I can postpone it, but I cannot escape from it. I create art in response to personal feelings, experiences, and life lessons. My art grows, matures, and erupts in novel series of work. Although each series may not appear to be connected, all are integral representations of my life.

 My most recent series of ink paintings represent strong feelings I tend to keep hidden deep within me. Ranging in size from 36″x48″ to 11″x14″ these paintings were created in response to my experience of awakening and the desire to create major changes in my life. Their titles are symbolic of the core of my experiences. Unlike my typical work where I am very detailed, these smaller paintings are more abstract and leave open gaps, representing the future that still unformed. This series is intimate, personal, heart- opening, revealing and honest. What I can’t describe in words, I have put into my images.

The purpose of my art is to show and reflect upon life experiences to help us better understand ourselves and others, and to explore the inevitability of change. By channeling emotions, experiences, beauty, and awareness into my artwork, it serves as a stepping stone to long-term transformation, personal growth, and the well-being of myself and others who interact with and enjoy my art.

Drawing is an integral part of my artistic process. Even when I paint, I spend about 90% of the time drawing first. This is where I find my artistic expression and enjoy the freedom to challenge and experiment with new ideas. Although I can draw in any dry media, I favor colored ink drawing for its precision, color saturation, and as my study method for painting. Most problems in painting can be worked out through the development of strong drawing skills. Drawing also helps me to bring color and joy into the moment. IMG_1865

Today art encompasses many traditions, cultures, and channels of expression. It absorbs modern trends and mediums as vehicles of delivering creative messages. Art is a representation of humanity and my artwork is the symbol of my thoughts and life.

I hope that over time my drawings and paintings will continue to evolve and mature to the greatest extent possible both creatively and technically. I aspire to make beautiful, powerful art that is rooted in the classical tradition, yet contains a contemporary aesthetic. I hope to be able to look back at the many years I have spent learning and growing, and to state proudly “I am an artist whose work truly mattered, transforming people’s hearts and minds.”