Living in Forward Motion..

LakitaTo live is to want more, and to want more means there is other things that you must do. This year 2015 promises to allow us an opportunity to thrive, grow, perfect,   forgive, and to be all that we really want to be.  Most people will actually experience this, and unfortunately some will not.  As you have canvassed the years in the past with your mind and have raced forward to the future, you can’t help but see all of the different things that hindered,   delayed, or stunted your growth.  But it does not have to be this way this time.

You have the right to do better than you did before, but let’s do it standing up.  When I think about living I think about thriving, and feeling connected to the things around, so that I can make communal sense for my daily activities. Since everyone has their own definition of “what living” is, let me be very basic about what I mean. To live is to be lively and functioning in a way that adds to who you are.

When you hear the words “living in forward motion”, I just want you to think about progress in forward motion, no matter what is going on.  It is to be singularly focused on what is at hand, and to not be distracted by anything outside intended goal. Yes it is difficult to do this especially when other stuff is not in place, but I encourage you to at least try to resolve within yourself that things 1) will get better 2) if you plan it you can achieve it and 3) you deserve to live in a place where growth occurs because it causes you to be content, and opens you up for further opportunities of change.

You don’t need a lot to “live in forward motion”, but you do need a willing mind, and a spirit that is resilient above all the many distractions that life tends to bring. Give yourself the best advice, and speak well of who you want to be. You    determine your living by your saying, and the two need to coincide with one another.

I just wanted to say   Happy New Year to   everyone, and a prosperous understanding of everything that pertains to your life, health and strength.  You deserve to “live in forward motion”. So go for it and do it now, life is just waiting on you.


Inspired Blessings to you,


Dr. Lakita D. Long

The Peoples Therapist

PO Box 3902

Antioch, CA  94531