Kym Couture Kollection is live and direct!

IMG_0444UT: Tell us, what sparked your interest in fashion?

KC: Fashion has always interest me, yet I found my biggest inspiration in comic books.

UT: Who/what has been the biggest influence on your work to date?

KC: To date, my own ambition has been my biggest influence, it’s caused me to do more planning and preparing, believing that those preparations lead to achieved future goals.

UT: How is your work received internationally?

KC: The international reviews on KymCouture Kollection have been outstanding. Vancouver set a great platform for our brand to flourish abroad. We are expecting to enter the Vancouver Market Center Fall 2015.

UT: So what is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?

KC: Perseverance pays off. I was finally able to adjust and execute by starting my business. Being in the work zone as opposed to being in school is very demanding as well. The just of it is to always set your sails and never be afraid of readjusting them.

UT: Do you think the Internet helps or complicates the life of young designers?

IMG_0557KC: I think the Internet is a great asset to young designers, I also believe that a little  social media knowledge can go a long ways.  With the Internet now being a tool that turns likes into purchases, it’s important to have the correct presence. For instance, have your website together long before you start  promoting on social networks, your web site is your platform. As you are promoting via SN your viewers who show interest in your product have the access and security to purchase from your website, it’s great for numbers!

UT: So what advice would you give to young designers?

KC: Don’t worry about the time it will take to make your way. I advise you to do the work and remain steadfast in this, if it’s what you love. I advise you to do the knowledge; in fashion you never stop learning.



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