Extreme Talent: TheoPencil











Theopencil is a young talented Ghanaian Artist born on the 5th day of May, 1993 and lives in Accra, Ghana. With no formal education in art works, his work has been viewed across the world with amazement and

wonder. The realism of his drawing has captivated many people. His real name is Theophilus Boateng Kwaku Sarpong but was given the name Theopencil by his friends because of the magic he performs with just a pencil. He discovered his talent as an artist at the age of eight when he used to draw cartoons just for fun.

Theopencil advanced as a hyper realistic pencil artist at the early ages of seventeen. Theopencil’s area of specialization in the arts industry is mostly works on human figures. He is good in color works but most of his master pieces are in pencil which inspires him a lot.

theo7THEO 51


At the age of twenty one, Theopencil has made a lot of realistic pencil portraits of some famous personalities including Kofi Annan- Former United Nations Secretary General, Nelson Mandela- Former South African President, Nicki Minaj- A popular American Music Artist, Jerry John Rawlings and John Agyekum Kufuor- Former Presidents of the Republic of Ghana, Jacky Appiah-A popular Ghanaian Actress, Nana Akufo Addo- 2012 Presidential Candidate for the New Patriotic Party, Barack Obama-President of the United State of America, John Dramani Mahama-President of the Republic of Ghana and many others.

Theopencil is found of listening to music whenever he is working on his art works which serves as a source of inspiration to him