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AzaniaZulu Apparel is a youthful, urban, revolutionary clothing brand which was founded in March 2011 by a young South African creative, Sindi Buthelezi, who, after travelling the continent and learning the art of tshirt printing in Tanzania decided to establish a brand. A brand whose mission is to rebuild Africa, instill positivity, revive creativity, inspire the youth to pursue the field of entrepreneurship and to contribute towards the country’s economy.




Operating in Pretoria – South Africa, we currently have products such as hand-printed tshirts, hand-made bags, sweaters, scarves, vests, golf shirts, caps and shorts. We are looking into expanding into homeware products like cushions, wall art and deco in the near future.

AzaniaZulu Infiniti Wool Scarf - LilacAzaniaZulu Wrist-DecoAzaniaZulu Duffle Bag - Mustard&Navy




We have been actively involved in local and international exhibitions such as the Rand Easter Show, SAITEX, Grahamstown Arts Festival, Brooklyn Design Fair, Indigenous Games Festival, Youth Day celebrations, Africa Day celebrations, Consciousness Online Magazine events, UrbanDance Festival and Capital Arts Revolution events.AzaniaZulu  HerStory Ladies Tee - Navy

Azania – is an indigenous name for the country South Africa and at some point the continent Africa was referred to as Azania. Once an anonymous historian mentioned that Azania is a conglomeration of three words, he said, “A” in Azania refers to the people of Africa, “Zan” refers to the Earth that provides and “IA” to mother Africa, the supreme force which binds us all.

Zulu – derived from the word “iZulu”, means Heaven.

Therefore AzaniaZulu is coined into “Africa is Heaven

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