Art and Color Personified!

This is Abel Jackson

By CW Digsby

Nestled deep within the halls of Area 15 is the studio of Abel Jackson. When I first came to this area, it was during an event that showcased the talents of each business owner there. I must say that when I saw his artwork hanging during the crawl, I was truly stunned. As an artist myself, it is a must that we allow our thoughts and feelings to be felt within the piece created, and I must say Abel does that.

He stays busy, simply because many people from all over recognizes his extreme talent.  So I had to catch him as he returned from a lunch run to sit and “talk shop” so to speak. I’ll admit it; I’m a true fan, so this interview was a blessing to me as well. But enough talk, let me introduce you to the man behind the canvas!

UT: Tell us what pretty much started you on the path to be that well known artist here in the NoDa area. Did you go to school for this?



Abel:  I went to school originally to become a Graphic Designer; my intent was afterwards to get a job. After graduating, I got the job, but after time I realized that this is not what I wanted to do, I felt like others were taking credit for the things that I did. So I looked for ways to become financially stable, yet receive the credit that I deserved for my hard work as well.  And that’s how I ran into airbrushing. I saw some people doing it in the mall, and I said to myseme “that’s what I want to do!”

UT: So how long have you been airbrushing?

Abel: I’ve been airbrushing for around 12 years.

UT: Wow, so are there any other mediums you use for your creations?


Abel: Yes some acrylic paints and pastels. I use charcoals, pencils, graphites. I haven’t used oil paints yet, but may later.

UT: So with you being in this area (NoDa) do you see in this area a high yield and respect for artists?

Abel: Yes I think there’s a respect for what I do, not so much just in this area, but in general, this area, from what it used to be, the NoDa area, to me needs to have more art. It is kinda constricted, it’s not bad but it’s slowly changing.

UT: Do you currently have your work at this time in any galleries? Or do you long to have your pieces in shown in areas, not just in Charlotte but elsewhere?

Abel: Currently I’m not showing any pieces anywhere, in the past I have donw some gallery shows, the last one was at the Mint.

UT: What other projects do you have going on right now?

Abel: I’ve been getting a lot of mural projects, so I’m working on them now, as well as a prop project for and event planner, then afterwards, five portraits. So right now I’m trying to plan it and come up with a way to have all of these projects completed in time.

UT: Wow, man you stay busy!

Abel: Yeah man! It’s been crazy, crazy busy this month, I’ve gotta rethink some things, and figure out how to expand, in both in training others to do what I do, aligning myself with others that have that talent and drive to put out good pieces, good work for those that want it, and also I need an administrator, someone to help organize everything that is going on.

UT: Okay, so do you see yourself moving from this area to something larger? So you can incorporate other talented artists and direct them?

Abel: Yes….that’s where it’s definitely going.

UT: So if you had an opportunity to create a piece for someone famous, who would it be?

Abel: Someone famous…hmmm…that’s kinda hard to say, because it’s not about the fame, but the relationship you have with the person requesting the art. I have a great relationship with all my clients because that to me is very important. Hmmm…maybe Nas or something! (lol) Or Andre 3000, because he’s very conscious, so I’m sure he would come up with something that I would have fun creating.

There was so much more we talked about, and during our talk after the interview and the tour he gave my wife and I of his studio and pieces, you could tell that this brother found his niche, his paradise so to speak. They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Abel has found that comfort as well.

To learn more about him, and to commission him for your own personal piece to have in your home or business, or to even feature in your gallery or event (he does travel) visit:


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