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CEO Stacey J: Elite Clientele, Exceptional Services

Bubbling with excitement, Stacey J greeted me in a comical tone, “Hi, Tawanda! Taaaaawaandaaaaa!” I couldn’t challenge that opening even if I wanted to. She already owned the interview with that sprightly announcement and judging from her enthusiasm, I knew that we were leaping in

Writer’s Block

This book is a self-empowerment guide for women who truly want to learn how to love themselves and become more confident. With increased self-confidence, you’ll be able to effectively deal with any adversity that you encounter. With increased self-confidence in yourself and your abilities, you’ll

The Art of….David A Duerson

My drive to create art comes from a need, not a want. It’s not a choice about whether or not I want to do it; I can postpone it, but I cannot escape from it. I create art in response to personal feelings, experiences, and