Let The Music Play….DJ Y.O.U


DJYouFBI met DJ Y.O.U (Josh Ufland) spring of 2014 at a pop up boutique show in Noda. He was over in the corner, head bobbing and fixated on the music that was playing. Wait, let me rephrase that, to the music that he was creating! Mixing various genres like a chef in the kitchen creating a fine dish, or a painter blending hues to bring life to a blank canvas…DJ Y.O.U was just doing that! Fast forward 7 months, and now you have a student of With These Hands DJ Academy being sought out by various companies and individuals to play at their events. He’s quiet, but when you look into his eyes while he’s behind the table, you see a mad scientist in the making, creating music for that moment, and planning what to do to keep you moving throughout the event. Make no mistake…this DJ will move Y.O.U!

Tell us DJ Y.O.U., what attracted you to become a DJ? When I was 10 years old, I was watching Time/Life programs on TV selling CD’s. I would record them and watch them over-and-over again. I would even download the words to the music they were playing so I could sing along. I was so into music, I wanted to play music for other people. A couple of years later, my brother introduced me to the music of Skrillex, who was a DJ who made music I loved. I thought if he was a DJ that was what I wanted to do.

Did With These Hands DJ Academy play a big part in your learning the skills of a wthDJ? Yes. Claude, the owner of the academy taught me everything I needed to know and answered any questions I had. First, the academy taught me the basics of the DJ equipment (i.e. turntables, mixers, etc). Next, I was taught how to put music together in order to mix them. Claude taught me on the latest software and equipment used by today’s DJ’s. The academy then enabled me to practice at my own pace, and gave me a chance to perform with other students at events.

 Would you say that, just like sports, being a DJ takes skill and practice honing your craft? Most definitely. I practice most days 3 hours a day – mixing and scratching – trying to perfect my skills. I still ask questions of other DJ’s and still take classes at With These Hands DJ Academy.

Tell us about some of the events you’ve done. I’ve played weddings, birthday parties, several corporate events, school dances, been on TV highlighting the DJ academy, and played at Apostrophe Lounge here in Charlotte.

djyou2The music you play, we’ve heard you go across all genres, what would you say is your favorite? I can play any music the customer wants, but the genre I like the most is Dubstep and Trap music. I’m known for introducing the crowd to this genre whenever I play. I try to find a song or two which fits with the genre I’m playing without being too different.

If DJ Y.O.U could play and spin anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Definitely England. This is where Dubstep originated and they seem to be ahead of music coming to the U.S.

Share one little known fact about DJ Y.O.U: I volunteer at Joy Church in Matthews, NC where they host “Room at the Inn.” We feed and shelter the homeless one night a week during the winter months. 

Mixtape soon? I am currently working on producing a remix which I will post to Mixcloud and/or Soundcloud.

How can your fans get in contact with you? My fans can always reach me at DJ_YOU2 on Instagram; DJ_YOU2 on Twitter; DJ_YOU2 on Mixcloud; DJ Y.O.U. on Soundcloud; and on Facebook at DJ YOU. For bookings, you can contact my manager at 704.223.0037 or ufland2@gmail.com.




One thought on “Let The Music Play….DJ Y.O.U”

  1. Angela Purser says:

    Josh DJ’d my daughters sweet 16 and I was above and beyond impressed with his skills. Don’t let the shy and humble young man mislead you because he has MAD SKILLS!! One of my favorite pictures from her party is them having to have a cool pose shot with the “cool dj”

    I’ve also had the opportunity to serve with him. He’s very respectful to everyone he encounters and is truly a blessing to many!

    I recommend Josh not only for his talents and skills but also for his demeanor and desire to respectfully give the customer what they pay for. He’s worth far more than his going rate!

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