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AMA Evolution!!

10751757_10204355575963085_232006187_nUT: Thank you for taking the time to sit with us at Urban Tymes, you both are one of my fav husband and wife duos… I love seeing the love you share and through your music.

Define Ama Evolution for us.

AE:  AmaEvolution, meaning, evolution to love is a combination of Portuguese and English. AmaEvolution consist of me the vocalist and songwriter, Berkley/ Oakland CA Native, Nadiyah Lewis and my husband guitarist and composer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Native Sergio Lima.  AmaEvolution is our unique interpretation of alternative rock music with vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.

UT: Awesome stuff! So AMA Evolution is the two of you mixed genres of music and expertise together. That is amazing to have a soul collision where two souls collide and thrive and produce masterpieces. I am ALLL SMILES right now! Amazing to feel your energy and see the love you all have for another. So how did all of this come about we want know the LOVE STORY!

AE:  12 years ago we met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was studying Geography at the University California at Berkeley, participating in a summer abroad program, attending classes during the day, while crashing the stages of local venues in Rio de Janeiro’s famous artist district. About a year later we were married and on a journey to create music. Together we shared the same values, desire to develop as artist musicians, and pursue the possibility of sharing our musical expression with the world. Its been good so far! Of course balancing music and family has its challenges; with the support of our family and close friends we manage the demands of both worlds’ best we can. I am a technical engineer in telecommunications, and Nadiyah is earning her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  We work hard together!

UT: In the beginning there was music and love…. How has your love matured and music matured?

AE: When we began creating music together, everything was acoustic, vocals and guitar. Serg started playing around with drum beats and bass lines digitally.  He would sit and produce the rhythm section digitally, then ask me to listen to the track to write the lyrics. Somehow every time he would create a song that fit my lyrics, it was like magic!  The first songs were slightly neo-soul, and R&B vibe, but my vocals would dominate the sound on the scratch recordings. So he went back to the drawing board and added some electric guitars over the acoustic tracks and made the bass lines real griddy. I remember when we laid my vocals, the sound matched. From there I just tapped into my justified rage and let loose. Our sound organically gravitated to the soulful rock fusion of sound.

Our personal influences in music come from various genres of music. She (Nadiyah) studied classical violin, and trained vocally in opera and gospel music. Artist and Bands such as, Living Colour, Miles’s Davis’ former wife Betty Davis, Chaka Khan, Jimi Hendrix, Skunk Ananse, Jean Carne, Lenny Kravitz, Carlos Santana, O Rappa, BB King, Muddy Waters, John Handy, Tina Turner, to name a few has influenced our sound.

UT: This is amazing…. I love hearing that we can work together. (Maybe there’s hope for me tooooo!!)


UT: So how do we follow or Find AmaEvolution?

AE : We’ve completed 8 tracks of Love on ITunes, Amazon, sound cloud, Reverbnation, and CD Baby.  Every track tells a story of Love, Self- Reflection, Social and Personal Transformation, music created to feed your mind and touch your soul.

AE: A lot of love, hard work and dedication by all who have supported us along the way is how we got here!!! Nowhere to go but UP! Special thank you’s to:

Musahi Lethredge who plays a mean Bass, John Adams and Steven Rhetta on drums, Recorded at  Moon Dog Studios, Sound Engineers, Stephen Beachman, Caley Stroyer, our son Marcus Grimes, and Manuel Salas. Our Mother Tarika Lewis played electric violin with Tacuma King and Marquinho Brasil on percussions. We were very blessed to have worked with such amazing artist.



IG:  amaevolution1



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