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Community Leader: Shaun “Lucky” Corbett

Renaissance Man: Shaun “Lucky” Corbett


When you meet Shaun “Lucky” Corbett, you meet a quiet man that is focused at his chair, or the devoted father, event creator, or even the community servant. But today we gained the opportunity to sit and talk to the man with a vision, who attributes his blessings as the result of hard work, dedication, and those barbers that work with him, encourage him, and see his vision as well! He shared with us his goals to better his community and those he comes into contact with.

UT: What inspired you to do these various programs and events Lucky?

Luckypic1LC: Well, to me it was a no brainer. When I was growing up, I didn’t have, so when I did get into a position to have, I wanted to give to my community. I wanted to be an example for those young brothers, that instead of going out here and doing the drug dealing and robbing people, you can obtain so much more on your own. The barbershop was the cornerstone of the community, helped those in need and giving back always. That’s what I want this to be, a positive influence!

UT: Where do you see yourself and these various events in say the next five years?

LC: In five years, at least the openings of two more shops, as well as having an instructor’s license so I can help teach those that want to get into the barbering business and most definitely an increased growth in the community.   The way I see it, I myself shouldn’t grow and my community not grow as well.  By looking into opening schools to provide the knowledge and education in Tonsorial Arts, it increases the  job opportunities for those out there and again becomes a positive influence as well. We gotta stop talking about it, but be about it!

 UT: What words of advice would you give to other young brothers and sisters that are coming up in this industry?

LC: Stay consistent and positive!  In this industry, it’s very important to see the big picture.  This is a business that is simply that, a business, not a hustle.  In it you have to nurture, grow, hone and invest in your craft. There will be times you wonder “is this what I’m supposed to do?” But then you must dig deep, and love it, your craft. At our shop, we believe that we build careers, and not minute barbers!  A craft such as this you know it follows you anywhere, and takes you everywhere, so be fully vested in it!