London Young: Her Artistry, Her Time to Shine!

london1When I first heard the music of London Young……. It was at David Spark’s studio with Thomas Lesesne. Thomas had told me about this young lady who he stated “has a voice and energy that will really blow you away!” The tracks that David played itself was banging, bringing back that lost element of music that has you reminisce of block parties and stone cold groove, but mix that in with an artist that pours themselves into each song as though it’s her last time to shine, then you’ve got a hit on your hands……

Fast forward several months to Alvin Garrett’s performance in Charlotte NC, and guess who was opening up for him…you guessed it, London…. She took to the stage and performed with high energy dance moves and belting out vocal range that belies her frame. I was waiting for backup singers and an entourage of dancers to join her during the performance. So now, we get to talk to London, reaching beyond her performances and getting the scoop on who exactly London the artist is.

Have you always had that desire to perform? Since I was a little girl I can definitely say when I saw Whitney Houston and Micheal Jackson perform for the first time, and the tears that streamed down from the peoples’ faces and the love they received from the audience for the music that they put out, and their hearts they put out when they served it, it was something amazing that I’ve always wanted… yes I was born with the desire to perform.

What would you say are some of the heavy influences to your music, your sound? Um..of course Whiney Houston, I love her so much. Michael Jackson, with his attitude…when he performed he gave it to you” she says laughing. Alanis Morrisette.. I adore her! When I sing my alternative music or rock music, I think of her.  I don’t try to mimic her, but When I was growing up listening to all kind of music it would be the first thing that came to mind because it sounded so beautiful, it just comes out that way. When you listen to people so much, they leave an imprint in your life; you know that’s what they have done to me. Gladys Knight, Tamia, and Oh- my- gosh Tevan Campbell! Tevan Campbell I swear was the love of my life he was a great influnce on my music…even to this day when I listen to him I get shivers! Pattie LaBelle, can’t forget Pattie, that’s why I’m always yelling to be honest, because it’s just (pause) it almost gives you that spiritual connection between you and the audience, like in church. (she then shares with us a piece of “His Eyes is on the Sparrow, soft and gentle, then she takes it to the upper register like she was in the front of the choir leading them on…wow!!)

london3London, tell us what makes you different from the artists that are out here now? I’m definitely full of surprises because when people look at me, they think..”ok shes gonna sing, go ahead” but then I have to make believers out of them. I always try to describe myself like this…I’m little, but I can blow like a big girl..and no one believes me until I open my mouth. Like Stephanie Mills…little woman…big voice! That’s another influence I have!

Tell our readers how has the road traveled to become that next breakout artist has been. Really rough! I’ve met con artists, wannabees, could’ve beens, should’ve beens, all kinds of excuses. When it comes to your dream and you take it very seriously, it’s hard to you know find the right people, and luckily my whole team has the same goals and aspirations as I do, and that is why everything has been moving. It’s been a lot harder without them, and I am very thankful for that.

Is it true what they say about David Sparks, that he has that ear for music and his work ethic is second to none? Absolutely yes!! He definitely has an ear for music. I love it when he creates something just came up with, out of nowhere. You never know what to expect coming out of his head.  You get thrown back, like okay… I see you. That’s why we name him “BeatKilla.” His work ethic is second to none.  He could be beat up, battered, bruised, sick, hurting, and he will not sit down. He’s always up doing something, always up working, because he believes in the movement and that’s something to be really thankful for in a manager to have that. It’s not just something you want, but something they want too.

We were told that California loves your sound as well, how do you feel about branching into that market already with fans waiting for you? Love it, before when I was in Cali, I got fans but it wasn’t enough but when I moved all the way to NC…that they really started noticing me, which is kinda sad, but It’s a big pond out there but a lot of fish out there after the same bait. I love Cali…but I had to leave Cali in order to get that. It feel great to have people ask when I’m going to be back in Cali… know(she giggles)

How important is it to build that fan base? Any fan base is highly important because without the fans, you are nothing, period, point blank. london2

Where do you see London the performer at 5 years from now? I see me happy, thriving, growing and learning still. I see me successful. Hopefully before then, I want to win Grammys, and win Oscars, I want to do the whole thing. I see myself doing that and I have lots of faith in my team and mostly in God. Because every other job that I had, something always happened and it came into my head one day that maybe this is not what I’m meant to do, maybe I’m meant to do music, and ever since I did that things have been getting better. And that’s all I’ve been doing since I met the Skraps family a year ago. So I see us all successful!

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  1. Jerry Adams says:

    Beautiful. That one word describes everything about Miss. London. It not only describes her beautiful looks, But, it also describes her musical style, as well as her music,. And most of all it also describes her all powerful and soulful voice. What more can once say about such an young talented superstar. She’s just all around beautiful.

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