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Bianca Johnson


b2UT: Thanks for taking a moment to chat with us at Urban Tymes Mag.

Bj: No thank you I appreciate your time .

UT: As MUA/HAIR extraordinaire, what are your goals?

Bj: My goals as of right know would be to make my destiny a reality by opening my one stop shop beauty boutique. Where not only can I cater too and serve my clients but give back to my community.

UT: Working with many teams, your contribution to Urban Tymes through UT | Cali has been phenomenal, thanks again! Owner/Director Mr. Carey Digsby is always pleased with our artistic approach once the team comes together to produce epic products. What do you do to remain ahead of the game as an industry professional?

Bj: With there being such a high number of beauty salons in the Bay Area staying ahead of the game is of up most importance. I constantly continue educating myself on new techniques, products and most importantly what my clients want. It’s also to my advantage that I teach cosmetology at some of the East Bay Area’s local high schools and those girl teach me new tricks and techniques that I don’t get in the industry training I attended.

UT: What are your goals for your brand?

Bj: Goals for my brand will be to stand apart and offer services and products that the average beauty professional doesn’t. To build on the Decorum Beauty Boutique name and line (yes we do have a line coming soon) establish a strong consumer fan base, and God willing go global.

UT: Sincerely we appreciate your contribution to Urban Tymes. I’m extremely appreciative of your time and professionalism! Do you have three make up or hair tips you’d like to share with our readers and reference products that you solemnly swear by?

Bj: I swear by so many products but it’s hard to just give a few, every single persons face and hair is different and requires different things.

1. Since it is summer time and a lot of people tend to be more oily. I would suggest a face primer they lightly power your face with a matte power foundation before you apply your cream foundation. (For a full face right now I’m loving the color effects mattifying face primer).

2. No matter what the season is of up most importance to keep your hair and face moisturized. If should be a part of your daily or weekly routine.

3. Okay here is a product that I swear, swear, swear by. Shine eraser (Elf Cosmetics) which is simply rice paper it is a great quick oil absorber, pore minimizer . The green tea extract helps re texturize skin, masking facial imperfections.

UT: Thank you again!