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Adorna Couture and I have networked through another famous designer Mastahn Fanaka, as I understand it Mastahn and Valerie are related so fashion design runs thru their blood! Mastahn, himself is an amazing swimwear designer as Valerie’s designs are awesome and trendy. Valerie invited me to a fashion show at a local fashion house in downtown Oakland and as I was mesmerized by her designs! The soldier series of fatigues and leather with high fashion flair, created such applause while models were on the runway! I can’t believe how untapped and timeless she is! She definitely adds to my list of Designers with the “IT” factor!

JT: I’m elated to have this opportunity to interview you! Your designs are amazing!

AC: Thank you for showing an interest in my creations

JT: What drives you to design?ac3

AC: My personal desire to create new things, and overwhelm my customers with new and unusual garments. I want my customers to feel poised and self-confident, like they are a step above the rest in terms of fashion. I love to get an idea in my head, sketch it, make the pattern, sew it and see it actually rock the runway or see my customer enthusiastic about wearing it to their special event. My clothing line is my expression of art in the form of clothing. When a customer wears my fashions they are in essence wearing an extension of me.

JT: I see you’re fashion forward, trendy and wearable art all in one, which I’m sure is well received by the masses, have you any large projects brewing?

AC: I am preparing to start my new collection, and hopefully to present my own show in the near future. I am also looking into producing a line of ready to wear which will include my plus size girls and eventually incorporate swim and exercise gear into the line.

JT: Where are you looking to take your brand?

AC: Each piece I design is my signature, and it dictates what my clothing line represents. I find fabrics in odd places to produce my unique show pieces, sometimes I even make up my own. The design can be recreated in any fabric, but the first piece itself cannot. Whoever dares to wear it will never see it on anyone else. Adorna Couture delivers an exceptionally made product that is feminine, flattering and known for its uniqueness. I am developing a brand that I can stand behind with conviction and position my company as an industry leader in the bay area and beyond.

JT: As the bay area’s fashion scene is changing where do you see your involvement in defining bay fashion?

AC: I would like to see Bay Area fashion be first on the map to set trends. There is too much talent here for us not to be trend setters and innovators of design. If given the opportunity we can set fashion on fire. The fashion world will look to us for the next styles. Hopefully my designs will help motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams and use their creativity in whatever medium they choose.

JT: How can we find you? Order pieces, custom pieces etc.?

AC: I am in process of building a website. Currently I have a FaceBook page, and an email address: or you can call me at 510 210-3775. I also have a line of baby clothes called “Puff Baby Stuff” which can be found in the Gondola Servizio Gift shop at Lake Chalet in Oakland CA. These are also one of kind styles for the” Diva” in training, sizes infant to 4T.

JT: It’s been awesome sharing the experience of the designer’s corner, thank you again!

AC: Thank you!

Valerie Cotton

510 712-9315

Adorna Couture

510 219-3775