This is Julian Keyes

julian keyesSo, we got a chance to meet Julian Keyes in Oakland(represent!) Totally a cool brother that shared with us his thoughts about being an actor, and his future projects. If you are not familiar with him, his works include Fruitvale Station with Michael B Jordan, and the TV series Oishi High School Battle.  Great things are about to occur with him. Check it out!

UT: Sooo excited to interview you! Thank you much for allowing me to interview you! Please introduce yourself to the readers of UT Mag.

JK:  Hey UT world I’m Julian Keyes. Born and raised in Oakland. Thank you for having me!

UT:  As I’m well aware the last few years have been busy for you and as you’ve introduced yourself to the world thru acting, how amazing has this journey been and who has been most influential in this journey for you?

JK: It’s had its ups and downs, but for the most part it’s been great. I’ve done a lot of traveling and meeting new people. On the flip side you lose a few but it’s all a part of the experience. The most influential people to me have been my family. They encourage me to challenge myself, support my decisions and motivate me when I need that extra push. Aside from my family I’d have to say watching the growth and success of my boy from Oakland, Adrian Marcel as a singer/song writer.

UT:  How intimate was your relationship with your character in Fruitvale Station as I’m certain it was more than just an acting role.

JK:  it was definitely more than a role, a character. We portrayed actual people. I had to become Kris. I couldn’t “play” Kris. In doing so I had to tap into myself emotionally and physically…feel what he felt, the anger, the pain, the confusion, the heartache.

UT:  So tell us what’s next in your career?

JK: I just auditioned for “Straight Outta Compton”, the NWA film. I love music, hip hop in particular and NWA being one of the most iconic groups ever… I can’t even put it into words what it would mean

UT:  We are sooooo excited for your success!!!!  Your strength and ambition is well appreciated! You’ve definitely played a key role in bringing forth the tribulations of being a young black male in America, as these circumstances are unfortunate. Definitely happy to have you as an example of what can happen, what doesn’t have to happen and a example of how imperative it is to stand for something! Thank you! Tell us, how can our readers and fans keep up with you?

JK: They can follow me on Instagram @keyesuncut or on Facebook, Julian Keyes.

And thank you Urban Tymes for having me and allowing me to share some of myself with you. Remember, films like Fruitvale Station don’t usually get the backing and national recognition so when films like this are made we have to support them, support substance. Support art. Support life!