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Jerry Adams, Multi Talented and Moving Forward!

goodoneJerry Adams has truly personified the soulful, bluesy music that he is known for. The one of ten children that grew up in a two bedroom, wooden framed house in the backwoods of Cleveland County, North Carolina, he gave UT the opportunity to talk about his history in between his music appearances and a recent part in “Extreme” a movie by Michael Muanda. “I remember as a child we were dirt poor” he says. “There were times in my young life when there was no food in the house. The hunger pangs were so intense they would cause severe stomach cramps, which caused me to double over and cry from the pain. I promised myself as a boy that when I grew up I would never be hungry and there would always be food in my house for me and my children.”


UT: Describe Jerry Adams in two sentences

JA: A charismatic performer who has music running through his veins. This man hears music and can freestyle and mix R&B with country. He is Brown Eyed Country Soul!

UT:  What was the motivation, or encouragement behind your latest single “Rock You?”


If the truth was being told, “Rock You” was an on the spot in studio creation. Ok, this is how the story goes. I wanted to remake one of my singles, “Make No Mistake”, which was off of the popular song from my CD Send A Letter” (Published by Tate Music Group 2013). I contacted Maximus Music Dem of Maximus Music Studio, of Charlotte, NC, and they produce the music for the remake of “Make No Mistake.”. However, once I got into the studio booth to do “Make No Mistake” to the new beat, I just wasn’t feeling it. So when I opened my mouth to sing, “Rock You” is what came out and not “Make No Mistake”. So there you have it, on the spot, in the booth inspiration.
UT:  Do you see collaborations with other artists in the area soon?

JA: . Yes. There are several signed and independent artists that I’d like to collaborate with. One of those independent artists is a Southern Soul Singer that goes by the name of Lomax Spaulding. If you’ve never heard Lomax sing before, just look up his soul classic hit, “Let Me Work It” or “Second Hand Man”. Plans are in the makings to hopefully collab with Lomax and to have him to produce several songs on my next album. Even though there are lots of male and female artists I’d like to collaborate with my dream, though, is to collab and perform on stage with one of my favorite female artist, Fantasia. That to me would be one of my greatest accomplishments. So if anyone knows Fantasia, tell her about my dream!

UT:  As am an artist, what does it mean to be successful? When do you really get to say, “We started from the bottom, now we’re here?”

JA:  As an artist, rather, it’s acting or singing, success in my view means that you have plenty of fans who loves your work and is there to help sustain your career; being appreciated and admire by your colleagues in the business. Never having to look back and saying you’re sorry for business dealing and the choices you’ve made in a career. And finally, when success to me is when you get to collab and perform with artists on a project you’ve admired and looked up to for a long time.

UT: . When do you really get to say, “We have started from the bottom, now we’re here?”

JA: When you can fill an arena, stadium or coliseum with your fans and getting paid for your passion. And when you are sitting in the audience with other artist because you’ve been nominated for a Grammy, BET, MTV or a Life Time Achievement Awards. That’s when you know.

UT: What are your best moments in the business?

JA:  1) Signing a distribution contract with major labels, Universal Music Group and Ingroove have your music distributed worldwide. That puts your music in the same footings with all the major artists.

2) Being number 1 on the ReverbNation and other R&B/Soul charts for Charlotte, NC and the US for nearly 8 weeks in a row;

3) Having one of your songs selected and featured as song of the month in the UK

4) Being selected and featured by organizations as the artist of the month for their organization.

5) Having your Song “Rock You” Featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents:#MakinMovesMixtape Vol. 92

6) Having your music played all over the world, being on TV and radio, interviews and making special appearances.

7) Doing movies and meeting and performing with other artists.

8) I will be appearing in two movies once they are released, Hero The Movie, and Extreme The Movie, where I play security in both major full length movies.

9) And most importantly, being featured in, and on the cover of a popular magazine. What is really exciting is where you go to perform songs from your CD the audience sings th song along with you.  That is very heart warming.
UT:  What can we see from Jerry Adams, “Brown Eyed Country Soul” next?

JA:  We are working on a new album and anticipate it’ll be finished an released by year’s end. Be on the lookout for the two full length movies I am in. And to complete two music videos, one for Rock You and a song, hopefully from my new CD, yet to be named. SPECIAL THANKS AND ACKNOWLEGEMENT First and foremost, I want to thank our Heavenly Father for everything. I would like to also thank all of my family, friend and fans who helped make this and other milestones in my life possible. A special thank you goes out to Maximus Music Dem of Maximus Music Studio, Charlotte, NC for their help with the arrangements and producing “Rock You” and “My Girl (2013).” Thanks also go out to JDS Certified for signing me up with the major distribution label to have my songs distributed and sold worldwide. And I cannot fail to give a special shout out to all the celestial radio stations, newspapers, magazines and Tv shows and internet radio stations, that has interviews and written articles about me. As well as blogs and other media that have introduced me and played my songs to their audiences all over the world. And if I have forgotten about anyone, a blanket thank you appreciation goes out to you too. Thank You