It’s D Blake

Well! Well! Well! The one time that I actually stepped my haute little foot out the front door to parTAAY and the QC was a preverbal ghost town. Are there vampires? What happened to all the people? At CIAA 2014, the event’s conclusion left the city on mute as if a plague had covered the streets. There weren’t many revelry- souls lurking around, or clubs jumping like it was during the playoff week of parties and gallivanting except for a couple of locations, and we happened to meander into one of the spots at the NC Music Factory called the Saloon. Although it was a Sunday, the parking lot was full, and you literally had to wait until someone left before you could squeeze your vehicle into the tight space. I felt bad for the driver in the black Escalade that couldn’t reverse the SUV out of the place even if he or she owned a CDL license. Maybe the handler should’ve just driven over the cars as though it were a “Monster Truck Show”, right? Wrong! That just proves how crammed this nightclub was. I don’t believe the large crowd was a sheer coincidence either. Two of Charlotte’s beloved crooners, D Blake, and Olivia were booked to perform songs from their solo projects. Whoa! The occurrence was standing room only. Check this out… The artist weren’t trying to break the bank either. The event was FREE! You read it correctly! FREE! I must admit that this did ease the pain of parking. Thankfully, I actually made it in just in time to catch D Blake’s performance after circling too many laps around the block.

The live entertainment was intense and enjoyable. Both artists put on a spectacular show. We gave them two snaps, a flip of the hair, and a twist for their memorable concert. After the show, we were able to get a few words from D Blake.


D Blake with T Blake…(no they’re not related, but definitely talented!)


Brief History: This crafty vocalist won BET’s 106 & Parks “Wild Out Wednesday” in 2010. He has since been the talk of town all the while performing in different venues statewide. He has also released several singles, “Old School Corvette”, ft Elevator Jay; “Dreaming”; Your Love is me”; and “My First Love,” just to name a select few.

DB “I knew that music was my destiny because when I was a younger kid I wouldn’t talk in front of people or anything. I knew that I loved music though. My mom knew that I loved music too. My mom sang, and my granddad sang. I was still very shy even around all of that type of entertainment. I used to dream that I was on stage in front of thousands of people in an arena or something. I didn’t know what it meant at that time but I was standing in front of all those people and I had no fear. I was in bewilderment, as a kid because I was like “what is this?” On 106 & Park, I walked out and seen all those lights. It wasn’t that many people. I said “Wow! This is what that dream was about.” I knew right then that this was my destiny and my dream…

“Since 106 & Park”, I’ve been creating and working on music of course. I’ve been working on mix tapes and albums. I’ve been trying to get heard by the right person. I performed at the BET awards and ran into a few connections there. It’s just been a lot of work. That’s what people don’t understand. It’s all about the work and just staying focused. This is your dream and destiny. It’s not going to be easy. So, I’ve been trying to stay focused and stay positive. Tonight, I performed a lot of covers. I also performed my first song that I ever wrote called “Must be love”. The last song that I sung was “Old School Corvette” which is a new single from my mix tape. I have a new single called “R Kelly” that they will be playing on “Power 98” very soon. R Kelly features my homeboy “Beattys World”. That song is my newest single from my mix tape, “D Blake part II”. “D Blake” was my first mix tape. I came out with “D Blake part II” because I feel it in my heart that it will be “that” record. That mix tape will be for the music business and everything.

With the BET Awards, I performed at R&B Live. I performed at a few clubs and open MIC joints. I did a showcase over there. I was just bumping elbows, touching people, and networking. That’s all I did. It was a cool experience. This year I’m dropping a new mix tape, “Old School Corvette”. My new EP is “D Blake part II”. I’m doing plenty of shows and features. Work! Work! Work! That’s what people in my city don’t understand. We have to work. We really make great music. I listened to “S DUB’s performance tonight. Truthfully, we are supposed to be outta here! We’ll get there. We just need to stay focused on our dreams and we’ll get there.

Who is D Blake? D Blake is a fun person, and a laid-back person that loves. I just want to bring love back. I don’t want anything but that. I’ll do that because that’s what they want to hear but at the same time, I’m a love artist. I just want to talk about love in different ways. Not just the same ole “lullaby love” cause everybody want love and need love. That’s me, love. D Blake is love.

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