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JT: How are you!!! Thank you for taking a moment to share with UT about your line! I’m soooo excited for you! Tell our readers who you are and introduce your brand!

CC: I’m wonderful! I’d like to thank you first off for Such a dynamic opportunity to share with UT about Curvy Couture Fashions by Ricee’s pieces accessories & more

JT: I’d like to take a moment and just say thank you! Thank you for being a dream follower and a woman that has taken the opportunity to grab life by the bootstraps and live! I’m certain so many readers can relate to your story and many will be inspired, Please share with us how did Curvy Couture originate

CC: Well the birth of Curvy Couture Fashions began when I experienced many disappointments when shopping in department stores. Being a curvy woman and having a eye for fashion, I couldn’t just walk out of the house in just anything and I wanted to make something that brought out the curves and confidents in all women. I am a woman that loves bright bold colors and I found it offensive that it seemed that things that where made in my size seemed to come in the form of a bland dress hiding my sexiness, or made out of fabrics that should only be made for furnisher, or the color schemes only came in blacks, browns, blues or hideous flowers.

JT: In 2009 Gwen Devoe, created FFFW which has been awesome for designers, models and fashionistas to embrace Plus Size models and brands. The Pro-Curvy philosophy of as a woman we can still be full figured, healthy and fashion forward, I see many complementary designs with your brand for women who love to dress up for casual settings what are your plans for the new year?

CC: Although my primary focus this year has been my tee shirt line, come spring I plan on creating some very sexy, chic, dynamic pieces that a curvy woman can embrace her curvy sexiness

JT: What do you absolutely love about the industry?

CC: What I love about this industry is that it allows me to let my imagination run free and create pieces that will help build the confidence of a curvy woman and enhance her sexiness.

JT: And I believe all of us are a Fashionable, Luscious, Unique, Fabulous, Flawless, Yummy (FLUFFY) Girls but sometimes we need a little help finding her and I believe that Curvy Couture Fashions can do that .I know as a designer with a new brand in the plus size fashion industry things move incredibly fast, what’s in today…. is so passé tomorrow, How do you keep up with ever changing trends and color hues?

CC: I have never been a woman to follow the latest trends. I tend to choose my on path and I allow everything I see in my surrounding to inspire me and that’s what allows me to create my unique pieces

JT: Share your website and fb pages/contact info, locations if your items are available in stores

CC: Currently Curvy Couture Fashion pieces can be ordered on or I can be emailed at and coming soon you will be able to order from as well as

JT: Being a Designer from the Bay Area, Do you have any scheduled events for the 2014?

CC: Well Curvy Couture Fashions by Ricee’s Pieces just did a wonderful event called Sultry Sunday Showcase where I was a feature designer along side my mentor Lynn Boone of Sebastian Threadz and we are currently working on an event that will be the first of its magnitude for the bay areas curvy girls and the people who love them has ever seen so please keep your ear to the ground for ground breaking news.

JT: Are you seeking a Spokes model or face for your brand? How would I submit my profile for a casting?

CC: Actually, yes I am looking for the face of Curvy couture Fashions by Ricee’s Pieces and you could submit your profile for a casting at

JT: Thank you much for taking a moment to chat with me and introducing your brand to our subscribers.  I appreciate you representing the Bay in Urban Tymes Mag and will definitely be on the lookout for CURVY COUTURE!!!

CC: Thank you once again for the great opportunity to share with your readers about my new brand, Curvy Couture Fashions by Ricee’s Pieces.

Happy Networking!


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