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Innovative: ITZmorethanmusicRADIO!

A brand new innovative platform has hit the underground, independent and major world in the music industry…ITZmorethanmusicRADIO! You can listen to ITZmorethanmusicRADIO online @ or stream on our Interactive Mobile App #TheDiktatorApp @ ITZmorethanmusicRADIO’s first two mixshows were In honor of K.O.C Records 10 year Anniversary. We have created a musical timeline with over 2 hours of Diktator’s music. In the “10 Year Era Of K.O.C Records AC (After Change) mixshow hosted by Diktator & DJ Polo highlights Diktator’s new releases, present and unreleased exclusive tracks broadcasting his…

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Art, and Turay Mederic

Born in 1979 in Ivory Coast Turay Mederic was only 4 years old when his parents moved to the USA, with a normal learning. His secret dream is to devote himself to art. In 1995, his family returned to live in Africa and enroll in a school of fine arts. He received many awards at various competitions of fine arts. In late 1999, he was elected the best young artist from West Africa His unique style, “Trace”, consists of an assembly Sign and symbol and word Cubism or reminiscent of…

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