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Big Mike…………Destined for Big Things!

At a summer soiree hosted at the home of C.R.E.M CEO Curtis Reynolds, I got the opportunity to meet Mike McCluney, affectionately known as Big Mike. Mike, along with dear friend Tanganyika Watts-Davis my wife Renee and I chatted on the lush green lawn, sipping

Black Jewelz…..His craft….His Life

Normally one hears the stories about an up and coming rapper, how they have street cred, discovered by an already established artist in the game, or even an actor or ball player trying their hand, thinking they too have “bars.” But this is a story

Innovating and Evolving Music Once Again- The Shop Boyz!

  The Shop Boyz…the Atlanta based group consisting of Demetrius “Meany” Hardin, Richard “Fat” Stephens and Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower, has done it again!!! Many know of this group’s 2007 album labeled Rockstar Mentality, and the smash hit, “Party Like a Rock Star” released in which

Candice RNB: “Her Humble Hustle”

Prior to our interviewing Candice, we reviewed some footage on the singer as well as read up on her biography and works. While there was not a lot of info that talked in depth about her upbringing or history, that was truly complimented with what