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Life Anchor- Jametta Chandler Moore

Jametta Chandler Moore is an international minister, life coach, entrepreneur and writer. She is the founder of Life Anchor Enterprises, LLC. Life Anchor is an initiative she champions, empowering individuals to be anchored as they identify and embrace their purpose while living a healthy and fulfilled life. Through imparting everyday life skills with the use of personal transparency, Jametta developed her niche. Her primary passion is facilitating, developing and empowering individuals; motivating them to live their best life. She is deeply devoted to helping people become more resilient so they…

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Archived Stories Strictly Business 

Terri Avery- Stepping Out on Faith!

After leaving a high profile job in Radio Programming earlier in 2015, Terri has been on a new journey of self. Promoting her brand through motivational speaking, teaching radio at CBS, and writing a new book, 2016 is going to open doors she has never even dreamed of before. As 2016 begins, Terri has in the works a book entitled, “Faithful Fridays, A Collection of social media Inspirational posts.” The book comes from her love of Fridays being the end of the week, and the beginning of the weekend. Much…

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