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Model …Aliepson!

Meet International & Published Model, Aliepson! She is a fresh face to the Atlanta scene and is destined to be the next big threat to entertainment.  Though she was born in Illinois and raised in Mississippi, Wisconsin is where Aliepson was introduced to the multi-facets of Entertainment. To date, Aliepson has performed Internationally, and Nationwide, and now resides in Atlanta, GA where she continues to touch lives through Entertainment.   She is more than a triple threat and prides herself in being “Born2Entertain”! She is an International Runway Model, Event Host, Spoken Word Artist, Motivational Speaker, and…

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AMA Evolution!!

UT: Thank you for taking the time to sit with us at Urban Tymes, you both are one of my fav husband and wife duos… I love seeing the love you share and through your music. Define Ama Evolution for us. AE:  AmaEvolution, meaning, evolution to love is a combination of Portuguese and English. AmaEvolution consist of me the vocalist and songwriter, Berkley/ Oakland CA Native, Nadiyah Lewis and my husband guitarist and composer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Native Sergio Lima.  AmaEvolution is our unique interpretation of alternative rock…

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