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Justin “Q” Young is so much more than meets the eye!

By Kisha Green Meet literary’s newest crown jewel Justin “Q” Young, author of Move Dat Doe (Firstborn Publications 2014), Bout Dat Doe: Tips for the upcoming author (Firstborn Publications 2014) and Amazon’s Best-Selling African American Erotic Short Story Series Dickmitized (Firstborn Publications 2015). Bringing you vivid detailed imagery through his words, makes escaping into his stories effortless. Multi-facet in creativity, Justin “Q” Young defines the spectrum in artistic aptitude through painting, drawing and graphic design. (custom painted portraits, murals, digital book cover designs, promotional advertisements, etc.) He is a public…

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This Tree Can Bear Fruit

Drawing from his many experiences working with various youth groups, interaction and frank talks with men and women over the years and close connection with his family, the author shares these experiences to help us grow. Truly showing the test that produces our testimony. The book captures various areas that we call can relate to. From the plight of our young men today, to the woman that has been scarred from past relationships. Poems and scriptures from the Bible permeate throughout the book along with artwork and pictures, giving voice…

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