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The Darker the Passion, the Sweeter the Consequence

  On Tuesday December 29th,   the world was introduced to the new web series “What’s Your Chocolate.” The Synopsis (from the website) Welcome to Chocolate Cosmetics, where you can always find the right shade of lies to cover your secrets. The first family and employees of the nefarious cosmetics brand are searingly familiar with secrets, and what it takes to hide them. But when a former employee goes missing, those secrets begin to unravel. What would you do to keep your deepest secrets from the ones you love? How far…

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The Marvelously , Multi Faceted, MarQues!

Let me paint a picture for you, worth, a thousand words or so….. The place, the beautiful grounds of Curtis Reynolds, CEO of C.R.E.M Entertainment, the scene, a multitude of guests dressed in hues of yellow, gray and white, per the request of the host and focus of this event, MarQues Woolford. He greets each attendee as though you were friends of his for years, and his energy was on one hundred this evening. He even led the crowd with a heartfelt song of happy birthday to his father (who…

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