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Tying a Scarf

The added warmth and protection against the elements are only two of the reasons men should consider investing in a scarf before the winter approaches. However, men can sometimes end up clueless when they’re greeted with a rectangular piece of woven fabric. Yes it’s a scarf, but how does it become one of those fashionable items worn around the neck? There are several ways to tie a scarf and some provide better protection against the cold than others, but here are the best all-rounders for both aesthetics and warmth: The…

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The Darker the Passion, the Sweeter the Consequence

  On Tuesday December 29th,   the world was introduced to the new web series “What’s Your Chocolate.” The Synopsis (from the website) Welcome to Chocolate Cosmetics, where you can always find the right shade of lies to cover your secrets. The first family and employees of the nefarious cosmetics brand are searingly familiar with secrets, and what it takes to hide them. But when a former employee goes missing, those secrets begin to unravel. What would you do to keep your deepest secrets from the ones you love? How far…

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