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New Age Prep: Introducing Tatted Croc!!!

Explain to our readers, the concept and reasoning behind the brand Tatted Croc. Tatted Croc by Paris Walker lll was birthed on Hilton Head Island, and is what we call “Untraditional Classics”. The classic clothing we design is untraditional in the sense that they better celebrate the modern, diverse face of success. We are filling a cultural void in the aspirational sportswear market that most people refer to as Prep, Ivy League or Classic style. For the customer that loves classic style clothing with an edge, Tatted Croc allows them…

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Bobby V …Unrivaled

Early in the mornings while on the way to work, I’d listen to my favorite cd on repeat. Lord knows if someone changed my song, there would be “Advanced Modern Warfare/ “World War III” action with me slicing fingers off and popping jaws before I could reverse my car out of the driveway.  “Bobby V’s “Turn the Page” was my anthem. Even as I type this, I’m listening to his falsettos on Spotify, “And it started to feel like my heart jumped out my chest. Felt like I lost my…

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