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Stan Foster’s “Preacher’s Kid Resurrection” Play Premieres Easter Weekend in Atlanta

By Angela P. Moore

Stan Foster Media premieres his live stage play, “Preacher’s Kid Resurrection”, on April 14-15, 2017, at the fabulous FOX theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. It will stream live on Pay-Per-View Easter Sunday — a first for an urban/gospel stage play.  Foster hopes that families will watch the play together and possibly find renewed life, hope and victory in their own life.

In the spirit of the Prodigal Son, “Preacher’s Kid” tells the all too familiar story of a child who leaves home in search of all of the lusts of the world. Temptation leads to trials, tribulations, and ultimately repentance.

Angie King is a preacher’s kid, often referred to as PK. She is the beautiful and talented daughter of a well respected, loving, but overbearing Pastor in a small Southern town. Her secure, but sheltered upbringing leaves her naive to the ways of the world. Angie feels trapped and longs to see what she’s been missing.

Foster proclaims, “There is no greater premise than that of the prodigal, and there’s no greater victory than the resurrection of Jesus. Each of us at some point needs to resurrect a dead or dying circumstance in our lives. It might be love, marriage, or family relationship. What better symbolic reminder is there of that than Easter, and Resurrection Sunday?”

The play is the sequel to his movie, “Preacher’s Kid” that was released in 2010.  Although he wrote, directed and produced the movie, Foster only wrote and produced the play, while Tom W. Jones directed the play. Tim Minter served as the music director. Foster is expecting a sold out live attendance, and an unprecedented pay-per-view audience. “We’ve purposely priced pay-per-view low so that it’s affordable to nearly everyone,” says Foster.  “And for those who can’t afford the $10.99, we will offer special group rates so the people can watch at their own church for free.”

“It’s important to have the play on Easter or Resurrection weekend because so often people just overlook the significance of Easter. Growing up, it was about Easter eggs, your outfit and the church play, but I wanted it to be  a reminder to what Easter is really about — the Resurrection of Jesus,” says Foster.  “The thing that I wanted to bring out in the “Preacher’s Kids Resurrection” on Resurrection weekend is I wanted it to be a metaphor for things in our life. Whether it is our career, marriages, relationship, it is a metaphor for Jesus’ resurrection.”

The outstanding cast features BeBe Winans (4-time Grammy award-winner), Shirley Caesar (10-time Grammy award-winner), Angie Stone (TV One‘s R&B Divas, The Fighting Temptations, Pastor Brown and School Gyrls), KeKe Wyatt (R&B singer, TV One’s R&B Divas), Q-Parker from 112 (Grammy award-winning singer & songwriter, actor), Tasha Page-Lockhart (BET’s Sunday Best winner), Tim Miner (gospel/R&B singer-songwriter, producer, composer), JD Lawrence (Grammy & Emmy award-winning director, producer, actor, playwright), and American Idol alumni and Broadway actress, Syesha Mercado, who plays the role of the preacher’s daughter, Angie.

Foster, an actor, writer, director and producer, has no formal training, but he has managed to become successful, in both film and plays. “I sold shows and movies everywhere. Honestly, it was God,” he says.   “God is the only way. If someone else tried to do this the way I did, it wouldn’t work for them. It’s just favor. Everything I’m doing is divinely inspired and everything I’m doing is for Him.”

He adds, “God gave me stories in real life. Everything in “PK” was in my life. Woman Thou Art Loose was my girlfriend in college’s life. I ended up telling the story. I would pray and ask God to send me a three-season series and my first series, “Tour of Duty” was three years long.”

Cast member, actor and playwright, J.D. Lawrence says, “I think it’s going to be an exciting show. We don’t get a lot of good Christian shows. This will be the first time ever that I will be performing in someone else’s show.  Stan is a good friend and he called me up and asked me to be a part of it. I will be keeping with my brand — ‘the man with many faces’.”  From playing the promoter, to the Bishop’s arm bearer, to one of the male lead’s best friend, Lawrence is excited about playing three roles in the play.

“I would love for the audience to get everything they came for. If you came for some good home gospel singing, they’re going to get it. If they came broken and they need their souls mended, they’re going to get that. Or, if you just want to laugh and came to laugh and have a good time, this is the place to be,” says Lawrence. “And, Atlanta is the first place where we’re premiering it all. Atlanta is a place that is growing and blossoming. Atlanta just makes sense,” says Lawrence, a Grammy and Emmy Award-winning Director, who have had triumphant runs of several stage plays and his new production, “Me & Mrs. Jones”.

Foster closes by discussing Christian versus secular projects.  “I would love to see if “PK Resurrection” has that reach that secular things have. I see movies winning Oscars that’s death and doesn’t give you hope. Hopefully, we can get behind projects that give us a message of hope.  If the Christian community can come out and just engage and stir up the conversation, we will be doing good. Sometimes conversation is what you need.  All of my projects get you engaged. We engage the churches,” says Foster. “This is a message that I’m getting through, not just to the world but the church. If we can do that, my job is done. If we can lift Jesus up, my job is done. In this production, that’s exactly what I do.”

The event is sponsored by Bronner Brothers. A portion of the proceeds from “PK Resurrection” will be donated to the Women’s Resource Center to end domestic violence and battered women shelters in Atlanta.

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